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Плавные линии кроватки – дань эстетике и безопасности одновременно. Высокие ограждения уберегут малыша от случайного падения, а когда маме нужно взять кроху на руки, боковина легко опускается. По мере взросления ребенка боковину можно снять, подматрасник опустить и уютная колыбелька превратится в маленький диванчик. В кроватку встроен выдвижной ящик для белья для экономии пространства детской. самоориентирующиеся колесики не раз сослужат добрую службу при укачивании малыша и перестановках кроватки.Кроватку-качалку Luna можно приобрести отдельно или в готовом комплекте с комодом, постельным бельем и игрушками.Основные характеристики:два уровня положения подматрасникакачалкасамоориентирующиеся колесики, два из них оснащены системой стопоровпри снятой опускающейся боковине кроватка может использоваться в качестве стационарного диванчика на возраст Вашего малыша до 4-х леткровать комплектуется выдвижным ящиком для бельявнешние размеры в собранном виде Д 133 * Ш 74* В 113
USD 140.59/pcs 140.59
Закругленные углы, оптимальная высота ограждения, расстояния между деталями – все продумано до мелочей. В кроватке от Papaloni маленькому исследователю ничего не грозит. На боковинах кроватки предусмотрены накладки из ПВХ.Второй важный аспект – удобство кроватки с точки зрения мамы. В кроватках Papaloni предусмотрены два уровня расположения подматрасника, опускающиеся боковины и выдвижной ящик для хранения белья. Кроватки-качалки оснащены самоориентирующимися колесиками с системой стопоров.По мере взросления малыша кроватка легко трансформируется в миниатюрный диванчик.Основные характеристики:оснащена опускающейся боковиной, на обеих боковинах предусмотрены ПВХ-накладкидва уровня положения подматрасникакачалкасамоориентирующиеся колесики, два из них оснащены системой стопоровпри снятой опускающейся боковине кроватка может использоваться в качестве стационарного диванчика на возраст Вашего малыша до 4-х леткровать комплектуется выдвижным ящиком для белья.массив букавнешние размеры в собранном виде Д 126 * Ш 66 * В 95
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The younger model of the Olivia line of changing dressers has the smallest depth and is suitable for arranging a nursery in a small room. Four drawers provide space for everything you need for your baby's daily care. The drawers move along the guides easily and completely silently. For the safety of the growing child, the drawers are equipped with travel stops that prevent them from being accidentally pulled out. The increased reliability and stability of the Olivia 510 changing chest is another safety requirement introduced into the design. The hinged lid can be easily transformed into a fairly spacious changing table. For the production of children's furniture, Papaloni uses materials whose safety is beyond doubt: MDF, chipboard and beech wood. Potentially hazardous components are excluded from the composition of paints and varnishes for children's furniture. Main characteristics: Chest size: W 684 x ​​D 492 x H 1000mm Material: MDF, chipboard, Beech Environmentally friendly varnishes Roominess and functionality 4 deep drawers, on silent roller guides < / li> The lid of the dresser can be folded back and used as a pencil table
USD 232.62/pcs 232.62
Multifunctional stylish changing chest of drawers Papaloni Luna 650 is made of beech wood. Some of the details are made of MDF and chipboard. All materials used for the manufacture of children's furniture are completely safe for health. A compact and ergonomic chest of drawers is optimal for a small children's room. Roomy drawers hold everything you need to care for your baby, including your favorite toys and beauty products. All drawers open easily and silently, and are also equipped with travel stops. An important feature of the Luna model is a hinged lid with a reliable lock, which serves as a changing table, where the baby and mother have enough space for massage, charging and other important procedures. Luna changing chest of drawers is available in several colors. Key features: environmentally friendly varnishes spaciousness and functionality 4 deep drawers, on silent roller runners the top of the chest of drawers can be folded back and used as a changing table modern design developed by Italian designers dimensions H 100 * D 54 * W 86
USD 201.66/pcs 201.66
Tall compact chest of drawers Papaloni Olivia 492 is an excellent solution for keeping order in the room. The 6 drawers of the chest of drawers hold all the necessary things and little things. Drawers move along roller guides completely silently. When developing the design of children's furniture, increased requirements for product safety are always taken into account. All furniture corners are necessarily rounded; paints and varnishes of a special composition are used for painting, in which there are no hazardous substances. The chest of drawers is very stable, the drawers are equipped with travel stops. The possibility of transforming the chest of drawers into a changing table is not provided. The Olivia 492 model is made of beech wood using details from MDF and chipboard. Bright solutions for children's rooms from Papaloni are an excellent choice for caring parents. Main characteristics: Dresser size: W 541 x D 492 x H 1223mm Environmentally friendly varnishes Roominess and functionality 6 deep drawers on silent roller guides
USD 211.31/pcs 211.31
The Papaloni Giovanni pendulum cot with a longitudinal pendulum mechanism is made of natural beech wood. Strong and durable wood is covered with safe paint, developed specifically for the production of children's furniture. Papaloni cribs are designed with two main requirements in mind: the safety of the child and the convenience of the mother. The high sides of the bed exclude the possibility of an accidental fall of the baby, but they are easily lowered, giving the mother access to the space of the cradle. For an older baby, the crib can be turned into a sofa. To do this, it is enough to remove the sidewall and move the mattress pad to the lower fixed position. The crib will serve your baby until he grows out of it, and then can be used by his younger brother or sister. Main characteristics: < ul> equipped with a descending sidewall, PVC pads are provided on both sidewalls two levels of the mattress topper position longitudinal pendulum swing mechanism when the lowering sidewall is removed can be used as a stationary sofa for your baby's age up to 4 years li>
USD 20460.0/pcs 20460.0
The MAGGY bed is made in classic English style. Decorated with aged fittings. Will serve your child for at least five years. Subsequently, it can become a sofa. In the closed drawer, you can conveniently place diapers and out-of-season baby items. You can swing the baby with a light touch on the crib, and for those who like to fall asleep without swinging, you can fix the sleeping space in a stationary position. To make it convenient to take the baby in your arms in the first months of life, the mattress can first be set higher, and then, when the baby starts to get up himself, lower it to a lower level. Model description: Pendulum swing mechanism (transverse) Bed size: 125 * 65 Materials: Solid wood, beech Coating: child-safe lacquers Functionality: 2 levels of position of the mattress topper, closed drawer for storage, transverse swing mechanism 2 types of guardrails: high and low for that so that your baby can get up from the bed on his own Design: developed in Italy by order of TM PAPALONI External size: 1325 * 800 (height 1120)
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ТМ «Papaloni» - российский производитель качественной детской мебели в г. Москва. В ассортимент компании входит: детские комоды, кроватки, шкафы. Мебель изготавливается из натурального массива бука, безопасного для здоровья.

Обувь разрабатывается итальянскими дизайнерами с учетом последних мебельных тенденций. Мебель сертифицирована и соответствует требуемым государственным стандартам.

Мы сотрудничаем с партнерами из регионов России. Приглашаем к сотрудничеству дилеров для продажи мебели в вашем городе. Заявки на сотрудничество оставляйте у менеджера на странице.

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