JMW Guard TWM-5000L4
JMW Guard TWM-5000L4
JMW Guard TWM-5000L4
Product description
The WM5000L4 device is a standard model with a SIM card for online control of bypasses by reading passive RFID tags with data transfer to the program via mobile Internet, if there is no connection, the data is stored in the device’s memory and when mobile Internet appears, the data is transferred to the program, the data can also be transferred using magnetic USB cable. The device is suitable for work in all weather conditions, is not afraid of falls, moisture and dust. The device comes with a case, cable, power supply and instructions. The device works with a free program for Windows and with the WEB cloud, but it is recommended that the device work together with the cloud, so if the bypasses are violated in the mobile application, PUSH notifications will come. The device case is made of high-quality impact-resistant plastic. On the front side there is an LCD display that displays information about the status of mobile communication, battery charge, information about reading the tag with the status of data transfer to the program. There is also an LED indicator on the display, which, without turning on the display, informs about the status of the connection and the battery. There is an SOS button on the side of the case. When the tag is read, the display with the status of reading the tag and information about the delivery of data to the program lights up, and vibration occurs. When the battery is low, the display and red indicator show this information, and the device sends a message to the program. RFID key fobs are used to identify employees who have made a round, which are read by the device before the employee changes. The tag can be read again after 60 seconds. The device's memory is non-volatile and can store up to 60,000 tag read records. For example, if you read 500 tags per day, then the memory will be filled after 4 months of daily work. The device's memory is rewritable, and in the default program settings there is a parameter for clearing the memory after transferring data to the program. The battery lasts for 4 days when reading tags 500 times a day. The device is fully charged in 2 hours. The main advantage of the device is the ability to transfer data via mobile Internet from remote sites without the need to connect the device to a computer with the ability to control bypasses online through the program and mobile application. Dimensions, mm 120 x 68 x 32 Weight, g 221 Memory 60,000 records Battery 3.7V/3400mA (4 days) Protection against water and dust IP 67 Application temperature -50℃~+85℃ Reading tags RFID tags 125KHz, reading distance 3 -5cm 4G/GPRS/GSM communication, USB data transfer rate: 12000 records/minute Indication in the device Vibration, LCD display and LED indicator.
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