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оценки бизнеса (предприятия);оценки зданий и сооружений;оценки квартиры;оценки земельного участка;

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1.      business (enterprise) appraisal;

2.      assessment of buildings and structures;

3.      appraisal of the apartment;

4.      assessment of the land plot;

five.      determining the market value of machinery and equipment;

6.      determining the market value of computing and office equipment;

7.      determining the market value of furniture;

eight.      determining the market value of vehicles;

nine.      evaluation of machinery and equipment;

ten.   assessment of the vessel;

eleven.   aircraft evaluations;

12.   valuation of shares;

13.   valuation of a bill;

fourteen.   evaluation of patents;

fifteen.   evaluating a trademark;

sixteen.   estimates of the value of copyright;

17.   know-how assessment;

18.   assessment of receivables.

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