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Consulting and services Kazakhstan, 010000, город Астана, район «Алматы», ул. Иманова, дом 19, офис 413 – К, БЦ «Деловой дом «Алма-Ата»
Independent Expert Assessment & Valuation, Evaluation Services, Protection from Hazardous Georological Pcesses Kazakhstan, 010000, город Астана, район «Алматы», ул. Иманова, дом 19, офис 413 – К, БЦ «Деловой дом «Алма-Ата»

Taking this opportunity, the Limited Liability Partnership "Independent Valuation Company" NBK "(hereinafter referred to as the Partnership) expresses its deep respect to you and wishes you success in your professional activities. For the purpose of mutually beneficial long-term cooperation, I ask you to consider the presentation of our company. According to the results of the statistical ranking carried out by the National Business Rating, which was based on information on the payment of taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget, OUR KOMPASHA took: • 10th place in the Republic of Kazakhstan according to the criterion "Corporate income tax" • 1st place in the city Astana according to the criterion "Corporate income tax" This indicator is one of the best in the industry, as a result, our team was recognized as the "LEADER OF THE INDUSTRY 2014", a similar vocation was received based on the results of 2016-2017. This award is not just a recognition of the high economic and social status of the Partnership at the national level. This is a symbol of success and leadership in the industry at this time, a grant for outstanding achievements in enterprise management, social activity, openness to the state and honest partnerships. The partnership was registered in the Department of Justice in the Kostanay region of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan on July 19, 2006 according to the certificate of state registration of a legal entity No. 13378 - 1937 - LLP. Experience in this market is 10 years and is a specialized, independent appraisal company (IOC). Property appraisal activities are carried out on the basis of the State License YL-00611- (13378-1937-TOO) No. 0048631 issued by the Registration Service Committee of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan on August 28, 2006. The activity on the assessment of intellectual property, the value of intangible assets is carried out on the basis of the State license YL-00892- (13378-1937-TOO) No. 0145024 issued by the Registration Service Committee of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan on July 01, 2010. These documents give the Partnership the right to engage in property valuation activities throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, without limiting the validity period. The owner of the Partnership NAZARBEKOV BATYRBEK KALYBEKOVICH is the director of the Association of Legal Entities "Republican Chamber of Appraisers", which participates in the development of regulations and by-laws on appraisal activities. For his personal contribution to the development of the country's economy, he was awarded the personal order "STAR OF GLORY. ECONOMY OF KAZAKHSTAN ". In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the activities of the Partnership are insured for 10,000,000 tenge in JSC "Insurance Company" Standard ", in accordance with the Agreement of voluntary insurance of civil liability for harm (professional liability: appraisal activities) Series 02 / 310.1 / 14/000001 dated April 15, 2018. The partnership, including appraisers, are members of the Self-Regulatory Chamber of the Kazakhstan Association of Appraisers (PSA KAO) since August 27, 2010. In order to improve their qualifications, they systematically undergo property appraisal training. The appraisers include teaching staff who are the developers of regulatory documents and national standards for property valuation. As of the current period, the Partnership has representative offices registered with the justice authorities in the city of Aktau and the city of Astana with the head office in the city of Kostanay, in addition, there are regional representatives in many regional centers - licensed appraisers and specialists with higher education, expert appraisers. The quality of the services performed and the qualifications of the Partnership are confirmed by letters of recommendation and gratitude. We are ready to make an appraisal of the property offered by you, namely coupon bonds in the amount of 3 443 196 477 pieces. The total cost of our services with a 50% discount will be 735 954 (seven hundred thirty five thousand nine hundred fifty four) tenge. The term of execution is from 5 (five) to 15 (fifteen) business days. We are not payers of VAT as the turnover does not exceed the amount provided by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan LIST OF DOCUMENTS FOR EVALUATION OF THE VALUATION OBJECT

• Copies of constituent documents (Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association, Certificate of Registration).
• Copies of prospectuses, reports on the results of securities issue.
• Types of activities and organizational structure of the company.
• Copies of real estate lease agreements (if any).
• Data of financial statements for the last 3-5 years (or a possible number of previous periods): o balance sheet; o profit and loss statement.
• The latest audit report (if audited).
• Statement of fixed assets.
• Data on all assets (real estate, stocks, bills of exchange, intangible assets, etc.).
• Decoding of accounts payable.
• Decoding of accounts receivable

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