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USD 485.0/pcs 485.0
Wax spray for the Jordan dashboard.
USD 456.0/pcs 456.0
Mueller spray for polishing dash panels. Volume 300 ml weight 240 gr. In the box 30 pcs. The weight of the box is 7.7 kg. Composition in percent:  Silicon 23%  Butane 45 %%  Propane 27 %%  Essence 5% silicon 23%  BUTAN 45 %%  Prophan 27 %%  Essence 5%
USD 1.0/Ton 1.0
Oils for all types of technology. Hydraulic oil, circulation oil, refrigerator, compressor oil, clean oil, industrial transmission oil, common oil oil, machine oil, transformer oil, marking and hardening oil, TPEO sea oil, mineral basic oils. , Tdae, turbine oil, furfurol, nf & sf textile oil, rust prevention oil, sea oil 3008, 4008.
USD 1.0/Ton 1.0
Chocolate bars with a hazelnut with pistachios. Weight 40 gr.
USD 1.0/Ton 1.0
Cookies with milk chocolate and cookies with sesame seeds, pack weight 140 gr.
USD 1.0/Ton 1.0
Natural sweets. With different tastes, pack of pack 450 gr.
USD 1.0/Ton 1.0
Tomato paste without conservatives weight 1 jar 800 grams stake - in a box 12 pcs
USD 1.0/Ton 1.0
Caustic soda flakes 99±0.5% Caustic soda application: Oil, gas and petrochemical industry Detergent and soap production. Cardboard and paper industry. Drilling solution. Food industry Textile industry, etc. Packaging Three-layer laminated bag Weight: 25 kg BigBag Weight: 1250 kg. Pallet packed in shrink tape. Weight: 1500 kg Metal drum with one inner plastic layer, weight 25 kg.
USD 0.43/pcs 0.43
Malt drink BARBICAN 0.33 can
USD 1.0/Ton 1.0
Aluminum sulfate is used as a coagulant for water purification for domestic and industrial purposes and is used in paper, textile, leather and other industries. Used as food additive E520. In the photograph it is included in the composition of stabilizing solutions and tanning fixers.
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Hard gelatin capsules are filled with drug substance in a capsule filling machine. Designed for targeted transfer and release of drugs in the human body. Empty gelatin capsules are used for powdered or granular medicines.
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Hello ! We are Trade House TIS We are representatives of Iranian manufacturers in Kazakhstan. We will supply any raw material or product directly from the factory. The company takes legal responsibility for payment, logistics, customs. If necessary, please write. Type with the required characteristics, volumes and terms. We will make a calculation for you. The minimum lot is from 1 truck, for raw materials from 1 car.

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