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Total Engine
USD 5880.0/pcs 5880.0
Price: $5880 per unit. Minimum order: 1 piece 2021 Evinrude K115HGXF iSteer DPS. Features include: HIGH PERFORMANCE SERIES Evinrude E-TEC H.O. series are high performance motors. Each motor is tuned for extra power and speed. If you love pushing the limits of power, speed and torque, consider our High Output Series. AUTOMATIC STORAGE The winterize feature fogs your engine in minutes, without a trip to the dealer. The Evinrude E-TEC engine does not require belts, camshafts or exhaust valves, which means there are fewer parts to wear or fail than a four-stroke outboard. Extend Outboard Life and Boating Season MORE MIPS Get even more thrills per hour with the Straight Leading Edge gearbox. The Evinrude SLE transmission has high efficiency water scoops and a front end opening to cut weeds that require lower engine temperatures and eventually reveal. Engine Engine type H.O. V4 60° E-TEC D.I. Bore 3.62 in. (92 mm) Stroke 2.60 in. (66 mm) Displacement 105.4 cc in. (1.7 cm3) Throttle 5500-6000 rpm Gear ratio (primary) 2.00:1 Steering iSteer DPS Electric starter Electric generator 133A total / 50 fuel allocated combustion at low speeds. Dimensions Shaft: 25 in. (635 mm) Weight Weight 426 lbs. (193 kg) Features Features Controls: Slate gray | Trim Method: Trac-1 Power Trim and Tilt.
Total Engine
USD 11347.0/pcs 11347.0
Price: $11,347 per item. Minimum order: 1 piece Features of the 2021 Evinrude K150WXF may include: Powering your boat from 115 H.O. up to 300 hp up to 300 hp Power Steering Available in white or gray or with color panels Engine Engine type Inline 3-cylinder E-TEC G2 Bore 3.85 in. (98 mm) Stroke 3.25 in. (82.6 mm) Powered volume 114 cu. in. (1.9 cm3) Throttle 5000-6000 RPM Gear Ratio (Main) 2.08:1 Steering Electric Starter iSteer DPS Electric Generator Net Current 14 idling / 22 watts Weight 433 lbs (196 kg). Functions. Controls: classic white
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Total Engine | Outboard Motor & Engine Car We supply all engine you need. We carry stock of our most popular outboard and car engine wiht top brand, such as Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Mercury, Evinrude, Tohatsu, Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Hyundai, Vetus, Volkswagen, Volvo. We committed to providing the best possible Customer experience, so that each and every Customer regards us as an outstanding company and rewards us with their business. We provide an open, supportive, challenging, team-oriented environment where our Associates can achieve job satisfaction, professional and personal growth. We achieve financial returns for the benefit of our Associates, Customers and Shareholders. We work to conserve marine resources, reduce our impact on the environment, and promote boating.

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