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Этикетировочная машина Н1-КЭП - 38288

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The labeling machine for bottles, cans and PET containers is designed for gluing paper circular and front labels on the cylindrical surface of metal, plastic or glass containers. The design of the machine allows both conventional and circular labels to be glued by applying a thin layer of glue to the label itself. The machine is manufactured in stainless steel. An additional option is a glue heating unit, which is important at low temperatures in the production area. The principle of operation The container, moving along the conveyor, is placed by the auger with a certain step. When the container passes the sensor, the label magazine drive is switched on. The magazine is rolled on a glue roller, as a result of which the label is removed from the magazine and, using a stripper, is transferred from the roller to the container. Further, with the help of polyurethane belts of the rolling conveyor and a foam cushion, it is glued and smoothed. The price for labeling equipment is determined by the size of the container and the number of its standard sizes. Specifications: Brand: LLC Cooperative Nadia Country of origin: Ukraine Productivity: 3000-6000 pcs / h Container: Bottle, Bottle, Jar Label height: 30-180mm Container diameter: up to 180mm Overall dimensions: 2500х900х1320 mm Warranty period: 12 months Material of used labels: Paper Capacity regulation: stepless Weight: 436kg Label length: 60-380mm Installed power: 1.1 kW
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