Flatbed Cutting Plotter Hefei RP-T1610
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Modern cutting, drawing plotter. It is widely used in the manufacture of clothing, footwear, as well as the leather goods industry. The flatbed design of the plotter allows you to cut patterns with great precision. The plotter is ideal for cutting patterns, patterns. Advantages: ultra-precise cutting the special design of the knife allows you to cut a wide range of materials, such as cardboard , film, plastic, leather the material (paper, cardboard) is fed continuously from a roll or in the form of sheets. The conveyor feed system ensures the continuous operation of the plotter due to the fact that both drawing and cutting tools are attached to the plotter head at the same time, this type of plotter allows you to mark patterns and cut them with minimal loss of time associated with changing tools HP inkjet technology is used as a writing instrument, based on simultaneous printing with two HP11 cartridges with an uninterrupted ink supply system, which significantly reduces the cost of finished templates Application: < / p> for printing and cutting patterns Maximum paper width 165 cm Maximum cutting width 160 cm Cutting window length 100 cm Maximum cutting speed 1000 mm / s Types of materials < / td> cardboard, paper, self-adhesive Cartridge model HP11 Continuous Ink Supply System Material Weight 50 - 600 g < td> Cutting precision 0.05 mm Program precision 0.025 mm, 0.01 mm, 0.1 mm depending on option Command Language HPGL, HPGL2, PLT Paper Feed Method < / td> roll, single sheets Supply voltage universal with a frequency of 50 Hz ± 10% < tr> Power consumption 1500 W Country of origin China < / tbody>
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Flatbed Cutting Plotter Hefei RP-T1610 - 2975

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