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Repair of electronics, electricians of crane equipment Beam cranes, telphers, gantry cranes, jib cranes, bridge cranes, stacker cranes, winches: Services for the repair and adjustment of electronics and electrics. Installation of radio control. Installing the frequency converter.
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Lathes. Milling machines. Horizontal boring and columnar. Grinding machines. Electrical discharge machines. Special turning centers. Aggregate machines. Gear cutting machines. Tools and equipment. Carving - and profile rolling machines. Hydraulic presses. Mechanical presses. Guillotines, scissors, pipe benders, rollers, bending machines. CNC automation systems. Universal bending machines. Sheet bending machines. Forging hammers. Guillotine scissors. Straightening and cutting machines. Press scissors. combined. We carry out major repairs, commissioning, installation, dismantling, equipment diagnostics
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Transformers TM, from 63 to 1000 kVA from availability after revision or overhaul. 2 year warranty. Full package of documents and test report. The price is approximately 50% below the market price. Transformers are supplied both new, from storage, and revision (with the issuance of protocols of the established sample).
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Transformer substations KTP-pole, mast, kiosk, heat-insulated we will manufacture according to the completed questionnaires and a linear diagram. To calculate the cost, you need a completed questionnaire and a linear diagram to our e-mail.
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Pumps K, KM, KML, TsNL cantilever, monoblock, linear for water supply. ETsV borehole submersible pumps. Horizontal pumps. Pumps VK, TsVK vortex and feed. Pumps SM, SD, ANS, TsMK, GNOM, NPK - industrial fecal, drainage, submersible. Pumps НМШ, А13В are screw oil pumps and gear pumps. VVN, AVZ vacuum pumps. Pumps X, AX, AXE (O) are chemical. We sell in the Tver region from stock and on an advance payment. Call. There is an emergency fund in the warehouse.
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PRODUCTS Fans Radial fans Roof fans Duct fans Axial fans Specialized fans Accessories Household fans Air distributors Automation for ventilation Control panels Speed ​​regulators Temperature regulators Sensors Anemometers Control and protection Mixing units and accessories Heating ventilation equipment Ventilation system parts Heat insulating materials Heating fans cannons Air curtains Teplomash Infrared heaters Dust collectors and filters Compact air handling units RVZ products Electric motors Components for fans Information plates Aerodynamic tests Double-bearing bearing unit Components for ventilation grilles Galvanized pipe Control and automation cabinets for various technical processes Components for air dampers Accessories for air dampers Accessories and fire retardant materials Fire-retardant materials Supply units Air ducts and fittings Air ducts Network ventilation Chimneys Dampers and valves Fasteners for ventilation Profiles for air ducts Brackets Mounting profiles and accessories Tapes Control units Clamps and flanges Anchors and dowels Fasteners Electrical products for ventilation Foam, Fittings sealants Accessories for air conditioning hot shops Air conditioners Household split systems Semi-industrial split systems Additional equipment
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We offer from a warehouse in Tver and on order: Shut-off, control and safety valves, instrumentation. You can buy from us: heat meters, water meters, filters, pressure regulators, expansion tanks, separators, electric drives, flow converters (flow meters), temperature sensors, pressure sensors, level sensors, elevators, PREM, VKT, mud collectors, condensate drains, flexible connectors (vibration compensators), frequency converters, temperature controllers, gate valves, gate valves 30s41nzh, gates, thermomanometers, pressure gauges, thermometers, valves, valves, ball valves, temperature and pressure sensors, temperature controllers, pressure gauges, devices Electrodes.
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We offer: Subscriber service of computers and office equipment § Repair and modernization § Installing software § Removing viruses, data recovery § Configuring and maintaining servers § Configuring a local network § Installing Windows 7, 8, 10 Departure of a specialist on the day of contact! Single orders are possible!
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Worm gears and geared motors are general-purpose drives designed to change torques and speeds. Due to their versatility, they are widely used in almost all areas of the manufacturing industry. Reducers are designed for long-term operation up to 24 hours a day or with periodic stops; work in continuous and intermittent modes, with the rotation of the shafts in any direction, in different spatial positions. Due to the design of the gearbox, it is not a malfunction, increased noise and vibration of the gearmotor when using electric motors
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Electric motors AIR, 5AI, AM, AMU, AD, 5A asynchronous general industrial. On feet, combined, flanged from a warehouse in Tver. Available from 0.55 to 45 kW at various speeds. The price is negotiable. Call. Asynchronous electric motors AIR, A, 4A, 5A, AD, 7AVER with a squirrel-cage rotor are used in almost all industries in electric drives of various devices, mechanisms and machines that do not require speed control. They are used to drive ventilation equipment, pumps, compressor units, machine tools, escalators and many other machines.
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CNC Industrial Electronics Repair, CNC System Repair, CNC Electronics Repair, Industrial CNC Repair, CNC Repair, PCU Repair, NCU Repair, CNC Repair, PLC Repair, CNC System Repair, Operator Panel Repair, Servo Drive Repair, Servo Amplifier Repair, Repair servo motor, encoder repair, resolver repair, CNC controller repair, control board repair, power supply unit repair, linear unit repair, Positioner repair, radar control unit, recuperation unit repair, uninterruptible unit repair, frequency converter repair, axle drive repair, control panel repair, repair control systems, repair of electronic boards, repair of blocks, power supplies, Element-by-element diagnostics, Determination of faulty microcircuits, Replacement of faulty microcircuits, Repair of faulty boards, Writing off firmware from microcircuits, Writing firmware to microcircuits, Checking the performance of equipment on the stand, Setting up, Connecting, Parameterizing, Programming, Conclusion of a contract Provision of a guarantee for the repair of an electronic device 6 months. Fanuc CNC CNC 0i 0i-MD 0i-TD 0i-TB 0i-PD 0i-TC 32i-B 31i-B 31i-B5 30i-B 18i-MB 21i-TB MC 35i D 16i 6M 9M 11M Siemens Sinumerik CNC CNC 840D 810D 802D 828D 802S 840Di 840DE 808d 802 840 sl CNC System 8 3 Heidenhain CNC CNC iTNC TNC 640 620 320 6230 124 128 310 320 406 416 410 426 620 640 530 121 122 123 125 131 135 145 155 150 151 100 200 355 300 407 415 425 234 246 2500 306 310 335 351 355 360 370 430 232 B 332 MANUALpus 620 4110 PILOT 640 3190 4290 Bosch Rexroth Indramat CNC CNC BWO 900 MT-CNC IndraMotion MTX micro standard performance advanced MTC200 ISP200 MTA200 TRANS200 MT400G C220 Mitsubishi Electric CNCV M70V M7 E70 C70 E68 М700 60S MELDAS C6 C64 500 600 300 MAGIC50 Mazak CNC CNC Mazatrol MATRIX 2 NEXUS SMART PREVIEW 3 640mt prov 640t 640m 640 smooth x t1 t plus t32-3 t32b t32-6 cam m-2 smart m-32 t-2 Control Fagor Automation CNC CNC 8065 m 8060 8037 8055 8070 8055i 8050 8085 8025 ALLEN BRADLEY CNC CNC SERIES 9 8600 8400 7300 8200 mp 8601 6180 FIDIA CNC CNC C40 Visio n C20 nC19 nC 12R nC 15 C10 Delem CNC CNC DA-66T DA-56s DA-56 DA-58T DA-52s DA-60 DA-69T DA-50s DA-40s DA-41s DA-66W DA-65R da-24e Ema DA-21e da-65 DA-65w DA-51 DM-51 DA-21 DA-58 DA-58e BURNY CNC CNC PHANTOM II Phantom ST II BURNY 10LCD Plus BURNY 2.5 Plus BURNY 2.8 Plus BURNY 3 BURNY 5 BURNY 10 BURNY 10 LCD Burny 1250 Plus Burny 1400 Plus Replicator CCD Replicator 1000 CCD Replicator 1100 CCD AMC 4C2 AMC 4C AMC 4 XL Balt-System CNC CNC NC CNC NC-301, NC-302, NC-201M, NC-202, NC -210, NC-220, NC-230, NC-110, NC-310 Delta CNC CNC NC300 Haas CNC CNC CONTROL TL HYPERTHERM CNC CNC EDGE Pro Ti FMS FMS-3000 Comfort, FMS-3000 light, FMS-3100, FMS- 3000 standart, FMS-3200 comfort Mikros Mikros-12T, Mikros-12F, Mikros-12Sh, Mikros-12E, Mikros-12TS Mayak Mayak-600, EMayak-610, Mayak-610E, Mayak-621, Mayak-622, RASKIN Control Socapel 303, RASKIN RT 145, Cybelec MoDeva, DNC 880, DNC 600, DNC 60, LIEBHERR LC 255 CNC, CNC 2 PB 17, TOYODA, FLEX NC, STOECKEL, ROSA ECS CNC 2400 D, MARPOSS E 9034, OKUMA OSP 7 00 G, UNIC F, NUM 750 R 760, EMAG GEHRING II, KELLENBERGER KELCO 90, BRIDGEPORT EZ SURF, GPLUS 450 We offer diagnostics, repair, assembly, installation, commissioning of switchboard equipment from simple to complex solutions. Repair of power panels, input distribution devices, main switchboards, automatic transfer switch cabinets, various control cabinets, from the control of pumping stations, ventilation, lighting. Modernization (retrofit) of switchboard equipment at existing facilities. Experts will offer the optimal technical solution at a democratic cost.
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We carry out work on diagnostics, repair, assembly, full or partial installation, commissioning of control cabinets, telecommunication cabinets, server cabinets, electrical and electrical cabinets, etc. Installation work can be carried out both in accordance with the documentation developed by the manufacturer, and in accordance with the project documentation provided by the customer. We have many years of experience in using equipment from Rittal, DKS, Provento, Phoenix Contact, Weidmuller, Wago, Legrand, Schneider Electric, Lappkabel, Schroff, etc. All installed equipment is factory tested (technological run at least 72 hours). Experts will assist in calculating the equipment configuration based on the customer's technical specifications. Execution of works on APCS (development of RD, supply of control and management cabinets, SCADA, software, MO, AWP; installation; commissioning) on ​​a turnkey basis Execution of work on APCS (development of RD, supply of control and control cabinets, SCADA, software, MO, AWP; installation; commissioning) turnkey. We provide services for the assembly and integrated supply of instrumentation equipment and installation materials. We offer our Customers: Consultations, selection of the necessary equipment according to the Customer's specifications, services for alternative replacement of equipment, direct delivery of devices from the warehouse and on order.
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Delivers in the Tver region:
Console pumps of type K. Monoblock pumps of the KM, KML, LM type. Pumps of a bilateral entrance like D, SE, TsN. Submersible borehole pumps like ETsV. Condensate pumps type Ks, NKU. Chemical pumps with a flow part made of cast iron, titanium, rubber, carbon and stainless steel type X, XM, XE, XO, AH, AXO, AXE, AHP, AHPE, TsG. Drainage pumps for polluted waters like GNOM, ANS, TsMK, TsMF. Fecal pumps for wastewater waters of the type SM, SD, SDV. Gear oil pumps and three-screw type Ш, НМШ, А13В. Vortex pumps (including gasoline) type VK, VKS, ASVN, ASCL. Dosing pumps made of stainless steel type ND. Multistage pumps of the central nervous system, central nervous system. Sand pumps like P, PK, PR, GraA T, K, U
Industrial asynchronous electric motors from 2.2 kW
Pumps Grundfos, WILO industrial and domestic

Industrial smoke exhausts and fans in the Tver region:
Centrifugal fans VTs 14-46. Radial fans ВР 9-55, ВР 80-75, ВР 132-30. Axial fans VO 06-300, VO 14-320, VO 25-188. Roof fans VKRm, VKRSm, VKRVm. Dust fans ВР 140-40. Mill fans VM. Smoke exhausters VD, D, VDN, DN. KSK heaters - water heaters. Air heaters - KPSK steam heaters. Electric air heaters - electric heaters. Units heating AO. Cyclones.
Heaters steam-water, water-water, pipe systems made of stainless steel, brass, kalachi, transitions. RTDO regulators. Delivery in the Tver region to order.

We offer from a warehouse in Tver and on order:
Shut-off, control and safety valves, instrumentation
You can get from us: heat meters, water meters, filters, pressure regulators, expansion tanks, separators, electric drives, flow converters (flow meters), temperature sensors, pressure sensors, level sensors, elevators, PREM, VKT, dirt traps, steam traps, flexible inserts (vibration compensators), frequency converters, temperature regulators, gate valves, gate valves 30s41nzh, valves, thermomanometers, pressure gauges, thermometers, valves, valves, ball valves, temperature and pressure sensors, temperature regulators, m anometers, devices Electrodes.
Gate valves are wedge, parallel, slide. Spherical cranes, cork checkpoints, conical checkpoints. Stop, check, safety, regulating, shut-off valves. Butterfly valves Drives Steam traps
Level pointers. Locking devices of level indicators. Compensators. Filters Pipeline details: bends, transitions, fittings, collar and flat flanges. Pressure, overflow and level regulators. Polypropylene pipes. Polypropylene fittings. Accessories.

Fire extinguishers Fire hoses Fire cabinets Connecting heads Fire barrels Gates Fire hydrants and supports Watering equipment Fire panels and stands Fire doors Fire couplings Firemen equipment Special. clothing Stairs, rescue equipment Gas masks, protective equipment Pumps and fire-fighting motor pumps Foaming agents Fire retardants Fire detectors, sensors Signs, posters, light indicators Lighting devices Dielectric products Electrical equipment Sanitary engineering Water meters Rescue equipment Automatic fire extinguishing systems Safety belts, claws, manholes

Supply of gas equipment for industrial and domestic purposes in the Tver region. Units for metering gas consumption in a cabinet version, (ШУУРГ), metering units for gas consumption in a block version (БУУРГ), metering units for gas consumption in a frame (УУРГ), we supply measuring systems. Gas control points in cupboard execution (GRPSh, GSGO), gas control points in block execution (ПГБ, ГРПБ), gas control installations on the frame (GRU). Transportable boiler plants (TKU), block boiler plants (BKU), roof boiler plants. Boiler equipment for liquefied and natural gas, diesel fuel with a capacity of 50 kW to 20 MW. Supply of gas pressure regulators, valves, safety shut-off valves (KPZ, PKN), safety relief valves (KPS, PSK), gas filters (FG)

Heating, water treatment, water purification, autonomous gasification, biological treatment plants. A full range of installation and commissioning work in a country house. Work in Tver and Tver region (districts). Installation and commissioning of heating and water supply systems, sale of equipment. Installation of heating, commissioning of boiler equipment, dismantling of boiler equipment, replacement and repair of the boiler. setting up heating boilers (Gas, diesel, solid fuel). Delivery - Gas boilers Protherm, BAXI,, Ferroli, Vaillant, Viessmann, Ishma. Solid fuel boilers KCHM-5, Torch, DAKON, Protherm, Viessmann. Electric boiler RusNIT, Evan, Ermak. Delivery, installation, commissioning

Supply of boilers and boiler auxiliary equipment in the Tver region: Steam boilers with a capacity of 0.5-50 t / h, series DKVr, KE, DE, E, DSE, MZK, KP. Hot water boilers with a capacity of 0.1-100 Gcal / h, series KEV, DEV, KV, KVA, KVR, KVm, KSVA, KVGM. Transportable block-modular boiler plants of the series; MKU, TKU, BMVKU, UKM, PKN (in steam and hot water modes). Electrode steam boilers series KEP, KEV. ANU anti-scale plant. Water treatment equipment (filters, heat exchangers, deaerators, water treatment plants). Gas equipment (Gas taps, thermal shut-off valves, gas meters, GRPSh, instrumentation). Oil and gas equipment (fuel oil treatment unit, oil heaters, flare systems, oil treatment plants). Economizers pig-iron and steel (ECB, BVES). Draft machines VDN, DN, VTs, VR, VO, VGD, 19TsS-63, 30TsS-85, pumping equipment (TsNSG, D, K, KM, NMSh). Fire chambers, furnace devices (ТШПМ, ТЛПХ, ТЧЗМ, ТЧ, ТКСМОД, НТКС), spare parts for them. Burners (GM, GMG, RMG, GG, Weishaupt, Riello). Boiler equipment (crushers, grabs, fuel feeders, ash collectors, battery cyclones, air collectors, slag removal lines, vapor coolers). Belt conveyors (stationary UKLS, rolling KLK, crushed stone KLShch, warehouse KLP, screw RZ-BKSh, RZ-DKV, scraper with submerged scrapers, belt feeders, bucket chain and belt elevators, conveyor conveyors TS-40). Lining materials, burner stones, shaped plates, shaped brick. Energy spare parts of boilers (pipe system of boilers - DE, КЕ, ДКВр, КВГМ, ПТВМ). Shut-off valves, power valves (valves, gates, valves, safety valves). Automation of boilers, instrumentation and automation, control units. A device for cleaning boiler pipes, a device for cleaning the heating surface from soot, entrainment, a shock wave generator, ultrasonic anti-scale devices. Equipment for the effective use of steam and condensate (control valves with pneumatic and electric actuators, steam and compressed air separators).

We will produce transformer substations KTP-pole, mast, kiosk, insulated according to the completed questionnaires and the linear diagram. To calculate the cost you need a completed questionnaire and a linear diagram to our e-mail.
Mast transformer substations KTPM 25-250 kVA. Kiosk single-transformer substations KTPN 100-1000 kVA. Two-transformer kiosk substations 2KTPN 100-1000 kVA. Pillar transformer substations STP on one, on two supports 1.25-250 kVA. Substations 2KTP indoor installation 2KTP (VTs) 250-2500 kVA-10 (6) / 0, 4U3. Substations KTPNu, 2KTPNu Insulated sandwich 100-1000 kVA.

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