We repair sensors: encoders, tachogenerators, resolvers
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Diagnostics of failures, repair of industrial electronics. Diagnostics of controller errors. Any errors and problems associated with the incorrect operation of industrial controllers and operator panels arise, oddly enough, either with completely old equipment or not working for a long time (the internal power battery has run out), or with a power failure and interruption of the algorithm cycle. Repair of modules, control units, controllers (PL.C) Repair of operator control panels (HMI), industrial monitors. Industrial computer repair (IPC). Repair of voltage stabilizers. Repair of industrial UPS (UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply). Repair of industrial blowers. Repair of frequency converters (inverters). Repair of servomotors (servomotors). Repair of sensors: encoders (incremental, absolute), resolvers. Repair of servo converters (servo drives, servo amplifiers). Repair of soft starters (soft starters). Repair of industrial electronic boards (printed circuit boards, etc.). Repair of components of CNC machine tools (CPU). Repair of industrial power supplies.
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We repair sensors: encoders, tachogenerators, resolvers - 70932

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Tver industrial and repair group of companies, Tver
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