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USD 5.07/pcs 5.07
Branded bedding sets with various motifs, such as Star Wars or fabulous motifs. Size: 140 x 200 cm Motive: Star Wars or other fabulous motifs Content packaging: set with sheets and a lid Scope: about 1200 boxes of 8 sets in each (stacked on 31 pallets) 100% - Cotton
USD 8.63/pcs 8.63
An electric sheet (blanket) with electronic temperature control is available in various sizes. * IMQ safety sign * Washable cover * Anti-shock system * Carbon fiber texture with fireproof and self-extinguishing material * With 4 selectable power supplies and programmable shutdown timers for 1, 2 or 9 hours * Very low power consumption Color - White / White Dimensions - 188/82 cm , 188/120 cm, 188/165 cm
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The company produces and sells a non-acid rust converter, a modifier additive in the battery electrolyte, and microfertilizer (based on amino acids). And also represents the interests of German partners in the sale of goods of an industrial group of European manufacturers. (Pickup from Germany)
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