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Home & Construction, Facade decoration, Wall Decor, Home and office supplies, Lighting, lamps, Hangers, Doors and windows, Doors Russia, ул. Пушкина,31 офис 200
Russia, ул. Пушкина,31 офис 200

Our company offers wholesale customers, exclusive products of their own production, carved lampshades, door handles from Siberian Cedar, these products will decorate any bathhouse, sauna or become a wonderful designer decoration for your home, thanks to the carved ornament, the lighting in the room becomes unusual, conducive to a comfortable time spending.

  1. Prices do not include VAT and shipping costs.

It is possible to provide product samples at a wholesale price.

  1. Payment methods without VAT, VAT + 18% to the price of the price list, or cash settlement is also possible.
  2. Wholesale from 100 pieces of each position, a discount of 20 rubles. from each lampshade and 10 rubles from the door handle.
  3. The Logistics Department of our company will help you calculate the delivery of any consignment to your city.
  4. Delivery to any city.
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