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IDOL SET Idol headboard brings a classic chic and eye-catching decoration style into bedrooms. It offers a flamboyant style with remarkable colour alternatives varying with fabric and Leather. Idol Headboard succeeds in creating a contemporary and eye-catching decoration with its special stitching details and fluid design. Offering a special selection for your room, the Idol storage bed creates space for storage with its spacious internal volume. It offers additional storage area with its spacious internal volume, and is also very durable thanks to its steel construction. Its high leg design allows you easy access underneath it and thus helps during cleaning. Designed for bedrooms with contemporary decoration style that creates its identity through simple touches, Idol Headboard is eye-catching with its button details. Idol mattress is economic and ideal for a quality and safe sleep. The high density foams in its structure provide additional spinal support. Equipped with Hercules Spring Technology, the highly durable Idol mattress will not deform for years to come. The Idol mattress regulates the body temperature with the humidifying cotton layer on the summer-side that keeps and the Woolmark® layer on the winter side that keeps warm.The sanitiged ® technology eliminates bad odours and keeps your mattress clean for long years to come and provides additional spinal support thanks to high density foams in its structure.
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