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Волгоградский Завод Ангаров, г.Волгоград

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Machinery, Industrial parts & tools, Metallurgy, Metal Structures Russia, проезд Дорожников
Russia, проезд Дорожников

The construction of frameless prefabricated arched hangars and warehouses is the main activity of the Company. You can buy an arched frameless hangar for a warehouse or granary in the Volgograd Hangar Plant company, as well as order additional services for filling floors, installing ventilation, installing heating and warming the hangar with polyurethane foam. The Volgograd Hangar Plant also designs hangars, prefabricated buildings, granaries, vegetable storages and industrial premises.
The main consumers of our products are agricultural producers, enterprises of the construction complex, mechanical engineering, housing and communal services, trade and manufacturing, and small businesses. The organization’s employees are the best specialists in their fields. During the work, the company acquired regular partners and completed a large number of objects.
The Volgograd Hangar Plant strictly follows the modern canons of business ethics and its own corporate philosophy. This requires professionalism and competence, full implementation of the obligations undertaken, honesty and decency.

Construction of prefabricated frameless hangars:

Hangars are any industrial, agricultural premises of an arch type, designed for parking, maintenance, repair of machines and mechanisms of various types, as well as vegetable stores, granaries and warehouses for agricultural products. The construction of hangars, industrial premises, agricultural warehouses of this type, as well as the construction of foundations for such structures, requires knowledge of special technologies and the use of special materials, namely galvanized profiles of increased cross section, which form the basis of pre-fabricated hangars.
Angars are assembled sequentially, from ready-made standard modules (arches) by mounting the estimated number of arches in a single building. Each segment of the arch has a trapezoidal profile with a size of 610x243 mm. An angara set contains the required number of segments for constructing an angara of a chosen shape and size. Arches of three pieces are assembled from segments on the ground, which, after assembly, are lifted and fastened together using special machines. Rolling joints provides complete tightness of the seams. The big advantage of precast angars is their speed of construction. Angars 20x50 meters can be assembled within 7-10 days by a team of 4-5 workers.

The use of effective steel profiles of increased strength in the construction of the hangar allows to reduce the metal consumption and the total mass of the building by several times. Along with this, during the construction of the Angara, lifting and other equipment are not required, which allows to reduce construction costs several times in comparison with traditional methods.
We offer arched hangars and guarantee their erection in the shortest possible time thanks to the frameless design (the arch, thanks to which the hangar is erected and is a frame). Possible width is from 6 to 24 meters, without internal columns and snow load up to 500 kg / sq.m.
Dimensions of prefabricated buildings - length, width, height, options for the running system, external, internal coating, insulation, etc. - can be changed to fit the customer's size. The standard equipment of hangars and warehouses includes: foundation, arches, ends and oar end gates of 4x4 m in the amount of 2 pieces, optionally installation of sliding and automatic gates is possible.
When selling hangars, it is also possible to supply extended construction kits, including additional gates, stained-glass windows, hinges, partitions. The construction of hangars is carried out in Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, in all regions of Russia and the CIS countries.

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