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USD 400.0/pcs 400.0
Use It applies to shoes in the bottom edging. Characters 1, The new folding system, folding width uniform, smooth.2, For a variety of materials (leather, natural leather etc.).3, Improved pressure guide means to adjust and easy to use.4, Mechanical operation to replace manual operations, improve efficiency 4-8 times. Shoe cover machine Edge banding machine Trimming machineEdge trimming machine
USD 7000.0/pcs 7000.0
 Use It suitable for sideline pattern sewing of flat-bottomed ramie sole shoes. Pattern sewing machine Shoe sewing pattern stitching machine tailoring machine
USD 990.0/pcs 990.0
This machine is suitable for the production of handbags, bags and shoes factories.  Characters 1, Direct drive, auto control with servo system,Automatic reverse stitching, automatic thread cutting, automatic lifting feet;2, Sing or double needles is optional.3, Equipped with built-in servo motor, it can save energy 60% to 70%;4, Save labor costs by 35% to 50%, reduce fatigue and provide employee dependence and stability5, Less mechanical faults, convenient maintenance, automatic refueling.6, Recover costs in one year, create unlimited value and benefit for a long time. roller foot sewing machine industrial sewing machine stitching machine tailoring machine shoe sewing machine
USD 4500.0/pcs 4500.0
Use This machine is suitable for multi-process integrated operations, straight cutting, half-folding cutting for footwear, clothing, handcrafts, flying woven shoe uppers, webbing, bag belts etc. Characters 1, The machine adopts a full-servo motor intelligent automatic control system, fast speed, stable performance, high efficiency and simple operation;2, This machine can be used for back pulling and folding, blowing and folding, cutting straight belt, automatic tail leaving and other functions. Cutter cutting belt cutter leather strap cutting machine belt cutting machine leather strap cutter
USD 1900.0/pcs 1900.0
Use This machine adopts to riveting the metal double-side eyelets on leather shoes, canvas rubber shoes, leather, paper bag and clothing. Characters 1, The machine can automatically punch or continuously punch and rivet eyelets;2, The punching and eyeletting can be finished once;3, It can adjusted the distance of two holes freely accordingly to the requirement;4, The riveted shoes holes are neat, beautiful and ametabolic;5, Easy operation and reliable performance;6, The efficiency is 8~15 times of manual operation. Leather hole punch machine Belt hole puncher Shoe hole puncher
USD 1900.0/pcs 1900.0
Use This machine is widely used in uppers, belts, bags, leather goods etc. Characters 1, Single hole or multi holes punching on a straight line;2, Seven holes can be punched at one time;3, It can adjust the equal distance and unequal distance between the holes, and locate with the infrared cross point as the benchmark, so the operation is simple and convenient;4, The size of the punching needles can be changed according to the request, and there is no need to punch plate;5, The maximum size of the punching needle is 5.0, and the minimum is 1.5;6, The machine is equipped with a needle grinder, and the punching needles can be grinded repeatedly;7, This machine has the advantages of high efficiency and low cost; Bag puncher Leather punch tool Belt puncherShoe hole puncher
USD 1000.0/pcs 1000.0
Use It is suitable for gluing the upper shoes edge, such as travel shoes, leisure shoes, leather shoes, women’s fashion shoes, dancing shoes, cloth shoes etc. Characters 1, An intergrated automatic control for gluing 2,The loss of glue is two times less than by manual brushing 3, The efficiency is two times than manual brushing 4, The glue process is stable, the width of the gluing is same, and the adjustment is convenient and easy for operation. 5, Change the traditional manual brush technology. Shoe upper making machine Shoe upper Footwear manufacturing machine Shoe machine
USD 1500.0/pcs 1500.0
Use This machine is suitable for automatic edge splitting, gluing and flattening of PVC, PU, natural leather, artificial leather and cloth materials of shoes, bags, mobile phone cases and other leather products. Characters 1, Improve work efficiency, reduce working procedure, one machine is equivalent to ten people working, and glue evenly on both sides, without damaging the fabric.2, The machine uses hot melt glue, which can save the time of baking oven for white glue and yellow glue, and meet the environmental protection requirements.3, The temperature and flow rate of hot melt adhesive can e adjusted conveniently. The glue output is controlled automatically by photoconductive resistance. The glue output is stable. The cooling and speed can be adjusted.4, The machine is suitable for different types shoes, It is easy to adjust and operate.5, Motor is made from Taiwan, stable performance and low failure rate. Shoe welting machine Shoe manufacturing machines Shoe sole press machine Automatic gluing machine
USD 2200.0/pcs 2200.0
This machine is suitable for waterproof clothing/waterproof shoes/waterproof socks/flying shoes/fitting waterproof sealing tape and leather shoes/women’s shoes/cloth shoes/casual shoes/elastic boots sewn.
USD 2200.0/pcs 2200.0
This machine is a mechatronics designed for the production of protective clothing and waterproof goods, such as raincoat, wind coat, down jacket, skiwear, tents, hot-air balloon, diving suits, motorcycle rain covers, car rain covers made of PVC, PU, rubber cloth. It melts the heat-sealing tape, the seams of the waterproof fabric by a certain pressure, which provide water repellency for the products.
USD 7500.0/pcs 7500.0
It applies to flying-woven shoe uppers cutting. Automatic feeding laser cutting machine is fully automatic intelligent model, specifically for the processing of flying-woven shoe uppers. It can automatically trace the outline of the cutting object, trace out the cutting line of the pattern edge or positioning the characteristic points.Full area automatic cutting, this series of laser machine is projecting positioned the pattern in working area, no need aligning template, greatly improve the accuracy and production efficiency of pattern cutting. CNC laser cutter laser cnc machine laser machinelaser cutting machine
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Wenling Hongmao Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in year 2000. Since its inception, it has been focusing on customer and providing quality products and service to customers. Specializing in the production of various shoemaking machine, bag making machine and other equipment. The main products are: Roller sewing machine, Automatic gluing and sealing machine, Automatic Gluing and folding machine, Punching machine, Belt cutting machine, Edge covering machine and so on.

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