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Fabrics, non-woven and lining materials, Fabrics and Accessories, Chemicals, Raw materials and minerals China, Room 302, Building 2, Lanling South Road, No.588 National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Wujin District, Changzhou City

WHARTHEN (CHANGZHOU) COMPOSITE MATERIAL CO., LTD. is a leading company of chemical and non-woven laid scrim products, professionally handling more than 2500 kinds of chemicals, especially hazardous chemicals, like ammonium persulfate, sodium persulfate, potassium persulfate, thiourea, DMDS, fumaric acid, sodium metal, refined naphthalene, etc. We also design multi-axial laid scrim products based on client’s requirements, covering fiberglass, polyester and other synthetic fibers. We focus on improving the competitiveness of the company’s products in domestic and foreign markets.

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