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Herbal Honey Blend for Sexual Health under your brand or ours

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Natural herbal honey mixture that aids sexual health and boosts the immune system. Free of any side effects. With its complex herbal composition, our honey provides the following benefits: 

🌱 (Giant Fennel - Galangal - Basil - Ginseng - Curcuma - Ginger - Nettle - Peppermint Powder - Cinnamon - Orchis - Johannisbrot - Mekka Rose - Olive Leaves - Gale Leaves) 🌱

Relieves the body and supports the immune system.

Aids the Vasodilation process (widening of the blood vessels).


Tags: Honey , herbs , herbal honey , flower honey , sexual health , Viagra , natural supplement , immunity


Spice , herbs and spice


Supports lengthening of sexual intercourse duration and erection.


Has no side effects.


Supports the body with enough energy for 3 days

The natural herbs are full of other health benefits.



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