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Honey in bulk on Qoovee

USD 9.0/kg 9.0
Our honey is 100% natural, like flower and pine honey in the untouched nature of the Caucasian foothills of Georgia. We deliver to our clients at their addresses with an up-to-date doctor's analysis and a certificate. Packing is made at the request of our clients. We provide a money back guarantee.
USD 3.2 - 4.5/kg
Honey At-Bashi, Honey Kyrgyz, White honey, Honey, Honeycomb, Honey At-Bashi sweet brand of Kyrgyzstan, collected on the slopes of the mountains in the northern part of the republic in the Naryn region. The main honey plant for this variety is the sainfoin plant, which has a wide range of medicinal properties and fragrant pink flowers that attract bees. At-Bashi honey: monofloral honey has unique taste and medicinal qualities. This is an excellent delicacy for those who lead an active lifestyle, take care of their health and prefer this product, collected from a single plant and do not have an allergic reaction, and this honey is also called CHILDREN, its soft consistency resembles butter. At-Bashi honey is widely used in folk medicine and cosmetology. Being an environmentally friendly product, it successfully replaces chemical drugs and rejuvenation products. The sweet bee product contains a large amount of fructose and glucose, minerals and vitamins. One tablespoon of high mountain nectar includes the daily norm of minerals - calcium, magnesium, copper, fluorine and phosphorus. Honey is rich in vitamins of group B, PP and ascorbic acid. Trace elements accelerate metabolic reactions in the body, have antibacterial, healing properties, have a sedative and anti-allergic effect. Due to the high content of glucose and vitamins, honey products activate brain cells, give strength and energy to muscles. In folk medicine, honey is most often used for colds. Honey tinctures with milk are used for viral seasonal diseases. Among the indications for use are diabetes, liver damage, thyroid dysfunction. Few people know that the unique properties of honey have a beneficial effect on cardiovascular activity and the circulatory system, and serve as a prevention of varicose veins. It is also successfully used to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
USD 4.88/kg 4.88
Белый мед – тот же мед, что и других цветов. Это не отдельный вид, а группа нектаров, получаемых из конкретных цветений: , донника, люцерны и эспарцета. укрепление иммунитета восстановление сил улучшение метаболизма ускорение обмена веществ Отдельно белый мёд можно отметить как полезный продукт при проблемах с кожей, а именно: ожоги гнойники фурункулы экзема псориаз угревая сыпь витилиго.
USD 4.88/kg 4.88
много кальция, цинка, железа, фтора, меди, марганца и даже кобальта, поэтому состав очень богатый и разнообразный. Также в составе есть множество полезных витаминов: B, PP, биотин и аскорбиновая кислота. Следует отметить тот факт, что учеными доведено, что состав данного мёда часто повторяет формулу крови человека, поэтому очень хорошо усваивается организмом. Восстанавливает энергию, снимает усталость и слабость. Укрепляет иммунитет. Эффективное средство для борьбы с нервными расстройствами. Отличное средство от простуды. Позволяет решить различные проблемы с пищеварительным трактом. Позволяет бороться с воспалительными процессами организма. Профилактика заболеваний сердечно сосудистой системы. Используется как вспомогательный компонент во время лечения кожных заболеваний. Выводит токсины из организма. Нормализует сон. Часто используется в качестве косметологического средства.
USD 4.88/kg 4.88
Горный кыргызский мёд полезен при многих заболеваниях. Данный сорт меда рекомендуют принимать при общем ослаблении организма, так как он помогает восстанавливать иммунную систему. Горный мед имеет общеукрепляющие свойства, поэтому он рекомендуется при хронической усталости, нервозности, стрессах и депрессиях. Кроме того, он полезен при болезнях желудочно-кишечного тракта, при простудных заболеваниях и гриппе.
USD 9000.0/pcs 9000.0
⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ Honey with nuts is a great storehouse of vitamins! In one spoon, a supply of immunity for the whole year. ✅️ The composition is absolutely pure! Only honey and nuts. ❣️ Increases immunity, ❣️ For men's and women's health, ❣️ Vitamins A, B, E, C and many other groups, ❣️ 2 spoons for breakfast and health for the whole day!
USD 3.78/pcs 3.78
Specify the price USD 0 0
Natural mountain honey.
USD 3.35/kg 3.35
I sell honey wholesale, Taiga and Lugovoi. Origin Maiminsky district, Altai Republic. Products of 2022. Any volume. Honey in cubic containers of 16 kg and jars of 1.5 kg. The minimum order is from 100 kg. The price is indicated when buying in cubic containers.
Ош, Kyrgyzstan
USD 4.88 - 4.89/pcs
Mountain, natural honey.
Wolfey Traders Ltd
United Kingdom
USD 14.0/pcs 14.0
Royal VIP Honey Buy the hottest Royal Honey Products-Kingdom Royal VIP Honey 12 sachets x 20g-Etumax Royal Honey 12 sachets x 20g-Dose Vital Royal Honey 12 sachets x 15g-Etumax Royal Honey Vip 12 x 10g-Etumax Royal Honey For Her 12x20g+Royal coffeeA box of 12 singles where:EACH SACHET OF ROYAL HONEY CONTAINS:Radix Eurycoma longifolia Extract 200mg Radix Panax Ginseng Powder 200mg Bee Larva Powder 200mg Pure Honey 19.4g. Stock Available now☆Guaranteed arrival & delivery for every order.
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Natural antiseptic, strengthens the immune system, has a beneficial effect on the upper respiratory tract.
USD 6.0/pcs 6.0
High quality mountain honey, flower honey, white honey, herbal honey.
Ellipsis International
Bhavnagar, India
USD 1.0/kg 1.0
With the help of our professionals, we are offering Natural Honey, that contains an array of plant chemicals that act as antioxidants. This is basically a sweet, thick liquid made by honeybees. Honey can also help lower blood pressure. Natural Honey is also useful in wound healing due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. As it has soothing effect on digestion, hence it is widely recommended for the symptoms of diarrhea
Eco yummy
USD 5.0 - 7.0/kg
Экологически чистый продукт.100% натуральный. Продукт не содержит посторонних включений, получен без применения минеральных удобрений, пестицидов и при отсутствии техногенных воздействий.
USD 5.0/pcs 5.0
Natural honey bottled in glass jars 400-500-550 gr. and in a blister pack of 20 gr
USD 2.0 - 3.0/pcs
Мёд премиум класса в сотах
USD 7.0/pcs 7.0
Natural mixed-herb honey, camel thorn, cotton in glass jars of 400,500,550 gr and portioned at 20 gr in blister packaging
USD 2.9 - 7.47/pcs
We produce 6 types of honey. Buckwheat, Forest, Melilot, Acacia, Linden, Floral. Delivery across Russia. Free Samples of Products There are no artificial colors, flavors, additives or GMOs in the products.
USD 1.0 - 5.0/pcs
Kyrgyz honey useful properties that have a very positive effect on the human body. Mountain honey, herbs
I.P. Askarova
Алматы, Kazakhstan
USD 100.0 - 1000.0/pcs
Selling wholesale honey collection 2021g in containers of 30kg. Sunflower, Donik. Flower, delivery to any city of R.K. Sweet cream butter, 72.5% (GOST 4399: 2005), packing 20kg, cardboard boxes. Our company has its own dairy plant, its own farm, and successfully operates in the milk and dairy products market. We pay special attention to the quality and safety of our products. All items meet the standards ISO 9001, ISO 22000. Laboratory control over compliance with standards in production is carried out. In 2006, the company received permission to sell products to the EU countries. Terms of cooperation, as well as terms of payment are discussed in addition We will be glad to mutually beneficial cooperation
USD 2.9/kg 2.9
Wholesale of natural honey: flower, lime, buckwheat, sweet clover, meadow, etc. GOST 19792-2017, 31766-2017, shelf life - 2 years. & nbsp; & nbsp; Packing in plastic and glass containers: & nbsp; 120, 250, 300, 500, 700 and & nbsp; 1000 gr. And also, & nbsp; implementation in large batches in 34-37 kg cube containers. & nbsp; The production of our natural honey from the apiary is only filtered and bottled, thus preserving the organoleptic properties of honey.
USD 300.0/pcs 300.0
Angelica honey has a calming, tonic, anti-radiation, antiviral and antibacterial, tonic, wound healing, diuretic, anti-inflammatory effect. Angelica honey is recommended for increasing mental and physical performance, resistance to toxins, improving memory and immunity, with immunosuppression, developmental delay and growth, for recovery after childbirth.
USD 140.0/pcs 140.0
Natural cream honey (honey, berry, berry juice)
TM Medok
USD 72.0/pcs 72.0
Perga   - the main protein feed for bees. They make it from pollen and honey, putting them in honeycomb cells. But before that, the bees enrich honey with special enzymes. The honey-pollen mixture remains in the cells for several weeks. During this time, under the influence of lactic acid fermentation, pollen gradually turns into "bee bread" - bee bread. Due to the activity of lactic acid bacteria and enzymes that bees have added to honey, harmful microflora in bee bread does not develop. Thus, the bees provide themselves with food for the winter. By autumn, bee bread acquires a dark brown color, a pleasant sour smell and taste. For humans, bee bread is a balanced complex of vitamins and amino acids donated by nature. It is ideal for most people and is 100% absorbed by the body. The bee bread contains proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, 16 amino acids and 13 fatty amino acids, among which are irreplaceable. And in terms of the composition of vitamins, it can compete with the most expensive and high-quality vitamin complexes sold in a pharmacy. The bee bread contains vitamins A, B1 and B2, B6, D, C, E, P, as well as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, sodium and other minerals. Recommendations for the use of bee bread As a complex of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, bee bread is recommended for use with reduced immunity, vitamin deficiency and high fatigue . It boosts immunity and helps the body fight viruses and infections on its own. Children who take bee bread for several months are less likely to get sick with ARVI and influenza, which makes it possible for them not to miss classes in school and kindergarten. Good results are observed with the combined intake of bee bread and royal jelly. It is recommended to take bee bread for the prevention and treatment of liver diseases . Perga is an excellent hepatoprotector. It cleanses the liver, restores the functioning of its cells, regenerates and improves their enzymatic activity. Bee bread also removes cholesterol, toxins and toxins from the body, thereby relieving additional stress on the liver. It is used in the treatment of cholecystitis, hepatitis, fatty degeneration of the liver, cirrhosis as an addition to the main treatment. Also, in combination with the main treatment, bee bread is used for diseases of the genital area : male and female infertility, prostatitis and prostate adenoma, hormonal imbalance, sexual dysfunction. For the treatment of these diseases, bee bread is best taken with royal jelly or drone homogenate. Bee bread is also used in the treatment of diseases of the digestive system : problems in the digestive tract, excess weight, obesity, stomach and duodenal ulcers, as well as metabolic disorders. Perga is used for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular and circulatory system , hypertension, arrhythmias, strokes and heart attacks. Women are advised to take bee bread during pregnancy and in the postpartum period . It helps to recover faster after childbirth, increases lactation. Children in small doses can be given bee bread from the age of two, after making sure that there is no allergic reaction. Before that, you must definitely consult your doctor. Perga should be taken by children and adults with a low level of hemoglobin and red blood cells , as well as in the absence of appetite, anorexia. Athletes and people with an active lifestyle will appreciate this beekeeping product. Bee bread enhances physical endurance, helps to cope with stress, increases muscle mass. It is recommended to take bee bread in combination with other beekeeping products : royal jelly, drone homogenate, tincture of wax moth, tincture of beeswax, bee-board. Contraindications Individual intolerance to beekeeping products. Prior consultation with a doctor is recommended. You can buy bee bread in three types: in honeycombs, ground and mixed with honey and peeled in the form of granules. It is best to buy bee bread in granules that have been pre-cleaned, since it does not contain any admixtures of honey and wax, as well as cocoons of larvae and other contaminants that are often found in bee bread combs. This is especially important if you are buying bee bread for children.
TM Medok
USD 7.0 - 220.0/pcs
What is a drone homogenate? The drone homogenate or drone milk became famous relatively recently. The name of this product - homogenate of drone larvae or GTL - appeared in 1991. It was at this time that the useful properties of this product began to be investigated. In fact, the beneficial properties of this product were known much earlier. It was highly valued, for example, in ancient China, as evidenced by the recipes for its use, written on bamboo, found during excavations in one of the tombs of the Han dynasty. And in Japan, Kenya, Romania, China it is still used, and not only for treatment. Drone larvae are very nutritious, because they contain as much protein as meat. But they contain even more vitamin D than fish oil. And one more advantage - the larvae contain amino acids, enzymes and vitamins. Therefore, drone larvae in these countries are used not only as a basis for dietary supplements, cosmetics and medicines. It is also a popular food product. The larvae are served boiled and fried, seasoning is made from them, seasoned with soy sauce. This snack can often be found on street stalls, cafes and shops. There is even a special foundation with large cells for breeding drones. Who should take drone homogenate and why? The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations recommends the drone homogenate as a food product for both adults and children, and especially the elderly. Reception of drone homogenate is very effective in case of hypothyroidism - a disease of the endocrine system. It helps restore the normal functioning of the thyroid gland. Drone homogenate is saturated with hormones and vitamins, contains testosterone, progesterone, prolactin and estradiol. Therefore, it is used to treat many different diseases in both men and women. Due to the content of natural hormones and vitamins, this product is also useful for women . It improves psychoemotional and physical condition during menopause, is used for hormonal imbalance . Reception of drone homogenate is recommended for premature aging of the skin, the appearance of fine wrinkles, hair loss, brittle nails. For schoolchildren and students, the homogenate will help to overcome chronic fatigue and stress during exams with high memory stress. It is useful for sleep disorders, depression, neuroses. The drone homogenate is recommended for children when they are lagging behind in mental, physical or sexual development, as well as as a source of protein and vitamins. Drone homogenate improves appetite and metabolism, therefore it is recommended for weakened children with poor appetite. For the elderly, drone homogenate is a rejuvenating, energy-stimulating and healing agent. It is used to prevent diseases of the heart and blood vessels, hypertension, atherosclerosis, and lower blood cholesterol levels. Increasingly, the drone homogenate is introduced into their diet by athletes . It increases physical endurance and strength capabilities, and helps to increase muscle mass. It is recommended to take drone homogenate in combination with other beekeeping products : bee bread, pollen, honey. A complex reception enhances its healing properties. Contraindications: Addison's disease - a disease of the adrenal cortex, individual intolerance (allergy), acute infectious diseases, tumors, not recommended for use at bedtime. Receiving and conservation Drone milk is obtained from larvae that have reached 7 days of age. They are crushed into a homogeneous jelly-like mass. The resulting product has a yellowish-mustard color and a sweetish taste. But he has one significant drawback - a rapid loss of properties at room temperature. Therefore, before you buy a drone homogenate, check out what methods are used for long-term storage of the product: freezing, conservation with honey, adsorption, lyophilization. After freezing, drone larvae retain all their properties, but problems arise during transportation, since it is unacceptable to defrost and freeze the product again. When preserved with honey, the homogenate will retain its properties if no more than 10% of the product is added to honey. During adsorption, no more than 7-10% of drone milk is also added to the adsorbent (mixture of lactose and glucose). The method of lyophilizing the drone homogenate is not as well known as the previous ones. At home, it is impossible to preserve the product by lyophilization, since this requires special equipment. Therefore, lyophilized drone homogenate is somewhat more expensive than frozen, adsorbed or mixed with honey. But it's worth it. After freezing (at a temperature of -30 0 С) and drying in a vacuum installation, the product retains all its properties, does not contain any additives or preservatives, and most importantly, it can be stored at room temperature. And the shelf life of the product is increased to two years. The lyophilization method is used in the manufacture of many medical products, as well as for long-term storage, fungi, viruses and bacteria. You can buy lyophilized drone homogenate in our online store.
TM Medok
USD 8.0 - 270.0/pcs
For bees, royal jelly is the very first food. It is produced by young bees, whose duties include feeding the larvae and the queen. Only the larvae of worker bees receive royal jelly for only 3 days, and the queen - all her life. Therefore, it lives much longer than ordinary bees - as much as 7 years, and working bees only 35-40 days. But if the larva of a working bee receives royal jelly for more than three days, then her reproductive organs develop and she becomes a queen. This situation arises if a queen dies in a bee colony and the bees urgently need to replace it. Royal jelly is a jelly-like mass of white or slightly creamy shade with a specific odor and a sharp sour taste. Not all beekeepers are involved in collecting royal jelly, since this process is very laborious. Therefore, it is not so easy to buy royal jelly, the price for this product is quite high. It is recommended to take royal jelly: during the recovery period after heart attacks, strokes, operations, chemotherapy , severe illnesses; with angina pectoris, atherosclerosis, hypertension, hypotension, myocardial dystrophy, ischemic heart disease, vascular dystonia; if there are frequent nervous disorders , stress, depression, as well as epilepsy; for the prevention and treatment of various disorders in the work of the endocrine and genital spheres , with male and female infertility as an addition to the main treatment; women with menopausal syndrome , menstrual irregularities, hormonal balance; as an adjunct to the main treatment for prostatitis, prostate adenoma, impotence ; in case of indigestion in adults and children, lack of appetite, anorexia, anemia; for lactating women with hypogalactia - a decrease in lactation; if there is premature baldness, brittleness and stratification of hair, brittle nails, premature aging of the skin; adults and children with chronic fatigue, decreased immunity , frequent colds and viral diseases. The results of using royal jelly: restoration of normal blood pressure levels. improvement of metabolism in myocardial tissues, the content of cholesterol in the blood decreases, the functional state of the cardiovascular system improves, due to the presence in royal jelly of biotin, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, chromium, vitamins B1, B3, amino acids tryptophan, isoleucine and leucine, a stable level of glucose in the blood is maintained in diabetes mellitus; the production of hemoglobin is activated, the body becomes more resistant to hypoxia (oxygen starvation); the work of the gonads is activated and the optimal hormonal balance is restored; increased libido and increased fertility (ability to fertilize); during the climacteric period, the psychoemotional and physiological state of a woman improves; the risks of diseases of the organs of the female and male reproductive system are reduced; stimulation of the production of testosterone (male sex hormone) due to the presence of zinc, hormones (progesterone, testosterone, estradiol) in the composition, increasing potency, improving the quality of sperm; the functioning of the adrenal glands and other organs of the endocrine system improves; appetite appears, the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines improves, the work of the digestive organs; immunity increases, the risk of developing diseases decreases; in combination with physical activity and proper nutrition, royal jelly helps to reduce fat accumulation, increase muscle mass, increase endurance; during pregnancy, the risk of obesity, anemia decreases, and resistance to bacterial and viral infections increases. Royal jelly is recommended to be taken in combination with other beekeeping products : bee bread, pollen, honey. The complex reception enhances its effect on the human body.
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Selling Altai honey from their apiaries in assortment. Container, plastic jars, glass jars. Packing 150 gr, 250 gr, 500 gr., 1000 gr, 1400 kg. Sending by any transport company from the Altai Territory, Biysk
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Flower pollen 2021
USD 5000.0/kg 5000.0
Sell propolis 2020
TM Medok
USD 1.0/pcs 1.0
TM Medok - a domestic producer of natural apiproducts invites you to cooperate !! To gain additional competitive advantage and expand your range, we offer to consider the products of TM Medok on BENEFICIAL commercial terms for you. Against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, health products are now appropriate even in grocery and non-food stores. Now the world is changing and the demand for immune-boosting goods is growing rapidly. Terms of cooperation with us are attractive and loyal. We provide a discount of 30% -40% of the retail price, which will give you the opportunity to MAKE up to 100% by selling products even at our retail prices !!! -opportunity to purchase from one unit of goods -wholesale prices are valid for orders from 500 UAH. -send the order within 24 hours. All products are certified by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and meet the highest quality standards. Medok's range of branded products contains unique beekeeping products that have no analogues in Ukraine, CIS countries and CIS countries. All products have convenient packaging and are fully ready for sale to retail consumers, so it is a great addition to the range of grocery stores, "ECO", "PHYTO" stores and pharmacies.
USD 2.44/pcs 2.44
Honey from Kyrgyzstan Toktogul high-mountainous, herbs Granular honey At bashinsky white honey, cremated honey. Dried fruits in honey, immunomed ... Honey in combs, capping. Beeswax Your Easter Gathered by experienced beekeepers
GST Shop
USD 9.5 - 12.0/pcs
Natural herbal honey mixture that aids sexual health and boosts the immune system. Free of any side effects. With its complex herbal composition, our honey provides the following benefits:  🌱 (Giant Fennel - Galangal - Basil - Ginseng - Curcuma - Ginger - Nettle - Peppermint Powder - Cinnamon - Orchis - Johannisbrot - Mekka Rose - Olive Leaves - Gale Leaves) 🌱 - Relieves the body and supports the immune system. - Aids the Vasodilation process (widening of the blood vessels).   Tags: Honey , herbs , herbal honey , flower honey , sexual health , Viagra , natural supplement , immunity   Spice , herbs and spice   - Supports lengthening of sexual intercourse duration and erection.   - Has no side effects.   - Supports the body with enough energy for 3 days - The natural herbs are full of other health benefits.    
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Our Raw honey, Bee wax & bee pollen is pure and natural.
Honey Mount
USD 7.5/pcs 7.5
Private Label We are open for cooperation with the private sector and retail chains for the sale of branded products Net weight : 500g Gross weight : 730g Size : 12.5cm Height; 7cm in diameter   Type of packaging : Glass Vessel  
Honey Mount
USD 4.0/pcs 4.0
Private Label We are open for cooperation with the private sector and retail chains for the sale of branded products. Net weight : 250g Gross weight : 390g Size : height 6cm; 7cm in diameter   Type of packaging : Glass Vessel
Honey Mount
USD 4.5/kg 4.5
B2B format   We produce monofloral and polyfloral honey for wholesale buyers and are ready to supply honey in 200l barrels or any other container convenient for you. The price is for 1kg.
Honey Mount
USD 6.5/kg 6.5
B2B format   We produce monofloral and polyfloral honey for wholesale buyers and are ready to supply honey in 200l barrels or any other container convenient for you. The price is for 1kg.
Honey Mount
USD 35.0/pcs 35.0
Honey with ingredients that give energy and strength used by the inhabitants of the Andes Size : height 6cm; 7cm in diameter Net weight : 250g Gross Weight : 390g
Honey Mount
USD 3.5/pcs 3.5
We produce more than 20 varieties of mountain honey, enriched with royal jelly, bee bread, propolis, mummy and pollen Size : height 6cm; 7cm in diameter Net weight : 250g   Gross Weight : 390g

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