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Бишкек, Kyrgyzstan
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Grade B urea (urea) is a universal high-performance mineral nitrogen fertilizer. Urea is produced in the form of dense, even granules that do not cake during long-term storage, easily dissolve in water, which makes it possible to more accurately and evenly distribute the fertilizer. When properly stored, grade B urea is non-toxic, explosion-proof, and fireproof. The high nitrogen content (46%) makes this mineral fertilizer cost-effective for sustainable and high yields. It is advisable to buy urea (carbamide) instead of other nitrogen fertilizers, while reducing the cost of delivery and storage. The versatility of carbamide (urea) fertilizer is as follows: it is effective when used on all types of soil and for almost any crop; used during plowing for the main application to the soil, as well as for top dressing in early spring and during the growing season; easy to use - in granular form, in the form of a solution or spraying. When using carbamide, it is necessary to take into account the target direction of crop cultivation - food or fodder. For some crops, there are features of growing different varieties, for example, fodder barley or for brewing. For such crops, nitrogen doses should be adjusted depending on the variety. Grade B urea is also used in animal husbandry as a feed additive. This is explained by the fact that microorganisms living in the rumen of ruminants are able to use urea for protein biosynthesis. Therefore, urea is added to feed as a protein substitute. In GK TK9 from nitrogen fertilizers you can buy carbamide grade
Бишкек, Kyrgyzstan
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Хорошее качество Caluanie по доступной цене. Этот продукт используется для дробления и обработки драгоценных металлов и полудрагоценных камней. Используется для обработки драгоценных и полудрагоценных камней, дробления металлов в химической промышленности. Это облегчает ломать ногти голыми руками после 10-20 секундного погружения. Тяжелая вода меняет свойства металла, делая его хрупким. Но в момент испарения тяжелой воды порода возвращается в прежнее состояние.
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