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Children's Clothing, Women's clothing, High quality women's clothing, Casual dresses, Men's clothing, High quality men's clothing, Crop Production, Fertilizers, PC Software and Hardware, Consumer Electronics, Security & Protection, Home supplies and appliances, Cosmetics and perfumery, Skin care cosmetics, Natural cosmetics, Personal care products, Shoe care & accessories, Women's Accessories, Women's footwear, Men's accessories, Men's footwear, Children's Accessories, Children's footwear, Bags, Bijouterie, Glasses, Umbrellas, Watches, Chemicals, Metallurgy, Non-ferrous metallurgy, Raw materials and minerals, Recycled Raw materials, Education, Creativity and Design, Models and Legos, Games and Toys, Sport products Kyrgyzstan, Бишкек, Тыналиева 9/3

Bayer company - Wholesaler.inc
He is engaged in wholesale direct and intermediary transactions.
We supply all over the world, we have experience in deliveries to the CIS countries.
We have agreements with suppliers of clothing, acsseses, sneakers, electronics, etc.
From China, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey.

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