Satori blended fabric
Satori blended fabric
Satori blended fabric
Satori blended fabric
Satori blended fabric
Satori blended fabric
Product description
Satori is a blended fabric. It is 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Thanks to the combination of natural environmentally friendly cotton fiber with practical synthetics and a special way of weaving the threads, the fabric has very good performance: ·         Lightness, softness and plasticity. ·         Draped well, does not hinder movement; ·         Hygroscopicity. Absorbs moisture quickly and dries up; ·         Color fastness and variety of colors; ·         Pleasant to the body. Due to the fact that one of the sides is completely natural, it does not cause irritation even with prolonged contact with human skin; Satori, are widely used for sewing the working uniform of medical personnel - gowns, blouses, suits with trousers, hats. It is also used to make uniforms for employees of cleaning services, catering, beauty salons.
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Satori blended fabric - 62195

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Supply ability: 100 pcs/per day

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