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Women's workwear in bulk on Qoovee

USD 27.0/pcs 27.0
Stylish Women's Lycra Jogger Suit is one of the suits that stands out for its comfort and elegance in the medical apparel industry. The women's lycra two-piece suit is an exceptionally high quality garment designed specifically for women in the healthcare industry. The top and bottom are compatible with each other and the same color, you can choose from a rich range of colors. Lycra suits are made from super-flexible Lycra fabric, which is 75 percent polyester, 21 percent rayon and 4 percent lycra. The costume is easy to wash, does not stain in the washing machine and retains its color brightness for a long time. It can be used for many years thanks to the durability of the kit, which can be easily ironed.
USD 21.0 - 24.0/pcs
Women's Hijab Suit models are offered to hijab women with rich color options and various body sizes. Models of hijab suits for every taste in 9 color options are easy to use as a surgical uniform. Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge, the hijabs are suitable for all body sizes and provide comfort when worn. Models made of Lux Terikoton fabric are easy to iron due to their texture. The suits, which are comfortable to wear in any season, are functional thanks to the pockets at the top. The two-piece sets have the desired dimensions and are 90 cm long. They are easy to wash in the washing machine and when washed at 30 degrees, they retain the brightness of their colors for a long time. Press-studs on the sleeves shorten the jersey sleeves to the elbows for ease of use when needed. The composition of the fabric of the hijab suit models consists of 55% cotton and 45% polyester. Women's Hijab Suit models are the ideal clothing for people working in the healthcare industry. It is easily used in emergency services, surgical services, oncology services, cardiac services, children's clinics and many other services. Models that provide elegance and comfort, satisfy every taste with their design.
YMO Premium Uniform
Фергана, Uzbekistan
USD 10.0/pcs 10.0
Брюки повышенной видимости с застежкой на молнию и пуговицу, с большим количеством накладных и прорезных карманов. Класс сигнальной поверхности – 2. Материал: смесовая ткань (80% полиэстер, 20% хлопок), Плотность 230 г/кв.м   Компания "YMO Premium Uniform" разрабатывает и производит спецодежду любого типа. При изготовление спецодежды используется сырье импортного и отечественного производства. "YMO Premium Uniform" это разумное соотношение цены и качества. Наши главные преимущества: Мы не занимаемся посредничеством, мы шьем сами, что дает нам полностью следить за качеством нашей продукции При пошиве спецодежды мы всегда ориентируемся на требование наших клиентов Качество нашей продукции соответствует международным стандартам Для более подробной информации можете обращаться по телефону 
USD 850.0 - 1200.0/pcs
Manufacture of insulated vests in bulk. Warm vests with lining and synthetic winterizer ⠀ 🍀 Drawing a logo (silk-screen printing, sublimation, embroidery) 🍀 Customization ⠀ We accept orders online
İzmit, Turkey
USD 12.5 - 13.0/pcs
280 GR THICK NON-FEATHER RESISTANT POLAR OUR PRODUCTS ARE MANUFACTURED IN TURKEY. NOT CHINA OR FAR EAST FABRIC AND PRODUCTION. MADE FOR EXPORT. IT CAN BE USED FOR LONG YEARS. ALL GOODS PRODUCED IN OUR FACTORY IZMIR / TURKEY iNCLudE Zipper and Pocket Fleece Jacket - Coat Maroon It is 290 gr polar fabric. There is a zipper on the front. There are also two non-zippered fillet pockets on the sides. It is an anti piiling fabric. Does not feather Normal Molds It is especially resistant to cold weather. Suitable for Company Logo and Prints. Sizes: S - M - L - XL - 2XL - 3XL. can be embroidered
USD 12.0 - 20.0/pcs
Warm vests with logo Uniforms to order Overalls 👍 Fabric: raincoat fabric 👍 Lining: sintepon 5 👍 Applying logo on chest and back 👍 Lining 👍 Pockets ——————————————-
USD 0.0/pcs 0.0
Suggestion: Name: Apron One-piece product without accessories. It has a smooth surface, repels fats and water, is safe for food, easy to clean, does not absorb odors, is resistant to cleaning solutions, can withstand heavy loads and a wide temperature range from -60°C to +40°C. Automatic washing allowed. Type of product: apron in layer Purpose: for protection from general industrial pollution Recommended use: cutting Color: blue Shape: one-piece Length: 1500 mm Width: 830 mm Thickness: 0.15 mm Material: polyurethane Fixation type: ties Availability of sleeves: none Multiplicity applications: reusable Availability of fabric base: No Machine washable: Yes. Resistant to fats and oils: Yes. Admission to food production: Yes. Recommended washing temperature: up to +40°C. Resistance to solutions of non-toxic substances: Yes. Apron weight: 187g. ARM SIZE . L/W: 460/220mm, thickness: 0.15mm, blue color, polyurethane. Price=450 rub. (pair). The price includes VAT and loading from a warehouse in Vladivostok. We will assist in shipping to your warehouse. I will be happy to answer your questions.
Specify the price USD 0 0
Hello! My name is Aigerim, I am a full-cycle manufacturer of women's clothing in Kyrgyzstan. We specialize in sewing 1 and 2 layer women's clothing. What is included in our services? Development of patterns from photos; turnkey tailoring with our high-quality and inexpensive raw materials, also on a toll basis. Preliminary calculation of the cost of services; packaging of goods according to WILDBERRIES standards; we will print labels, stamps, labels for your brand; Before starting to sew a batch, it is mandatory to sew a SAMPLE; We will help you send the goods under optimal conditions for you (air/cargo) (delivery directly to the Koledino warehouse). Payment by cash/non-cash. To (current account). WORK UNDER CONTRACT.
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The wear resistance of the materials from which the overalls are made can serve a good purpose even after the expiration of the service life provided for by the regulations. So, after issuing a new kit, the old one can be used as a disposable for dirty repairs. These works, as a rule, are present in abundance at any industrial enterprise, and this approach will allow you not to stain new overalls and save never extra money. Services Tailoring to order: PVC awnings for cars Tarpaulin curtains Application of symbols: Embroidery Silk-screen printing Thermal transfer application
USD 0.7/pcs 0.7
RHATEX İŞ ELDİVENi ÜRETİM ve PAZARLAMA SATIŞLARIMIZ 📦 TOPTAN Made in Turkey 🇹🇷🧤 👷‍♂️ 🦺 🚜🪛🪚🏗⛏🔨🗜🪓🔧⚒️⚙️🛠🧰 Eldivenimiz %100 pamuk ipliğinden örülmüş %80 lateks %20 nitril ile kaplanmış 75 gr ağırlığında çok amaçlı kullanma ve koruyucu özelliğine sahiptir
Fashion City 2
Бишкек, Kyrgyzstan
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The vest is female warmed. Vest for spring and autumn seasons. Fabric: Bolognese/Spandex. Color: in assortment. We offer the following types of application: sublimation, computer embroidery, silk-screen printing, DTF.
Fashion City 2
Бишкек, Kyrgyzstan
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Vest for office workers and medical workers. Available: central zipper, two hand pockets. We offer the following types of application: sublimation, computer embroidery, silk-screen printing, DTF. Fabric: fleece reversible
USD 16.5/pcs 16.5
Medical gown Ruby, Bren Sana, sizes 40-56, elite cotton fabric
USD 28.5/pcs 28.5
Medical suit brand Sana. For all questions please contact!
USD 31.5/pcs 31.5
Sana brand medical suit, elite fabric, will not leave your customers indifferent!
USD 23.5/pcs 23.5
Sana brand medical clothing, Gabrielle suit in elite cotton fabric, sizes from 40-56
USD 18.5/pcs 18.5
Халат медицинский женский Даша от бренда Сана
USD 23.5/pcs 23.5
Медицинский костюм бренда Сана размеры от 40-56
Safety Vendors Trade
Алматы, Kazakhstan
USD 7.87/pcs 7.87
Tarpaulin apron with fire-retardant trim. Density: 500 g/sq.m. TR CU 019/2011GOST 12.4.250-2013 Producer country: Russia Gender: Male Color: Khaki Overalls wholesale
USD 13.08/pcs 13.08
Men's and women's overalls, available. Men's work trousers, men's work bib overalls, men's work suit, men's work jacket, women's work dressing gown, women's economic dressing gown. Wholesale or small wholesale. Own production. Consider cooperation options.
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Overalls wholesale from the manufacturer Ivanovo. Shipment from 10 tr. Suit "Roader" winter. Insulated alarm suit - jacket and semi-overalls (possibly with trousers). Color: orange / dark blue. Upper fabric: Oxford 210, 100% pe. Insulation: sintepon. We sew for the execution of state tenders and government contracts. Specify the prices by phone.
Specify the price USD 0 0
Overalls wholesale from the manufacturer Ivanovo. Shipment from 10 tr. Suit "Metelitsa". The suit is warmed - a jacket and trousers. Khaki. Fabric: Tent 265 g/m2 100% cotton, batting insulation. We sew for the execution of state tenders and government contracts. Specify the prices by phone.
Specify the price USD 0 0
Overalls wholesale from the manufacturer Ivanovo. Shipment from 10 tr. Oxford suit. The suit warmed - a jacket and semi-overalls. Dark-blue colour. Fabric: Oxford 210, 100% PE, VO. Insulation: sintepon. On the bottom of the coquettes of the shelves and back, along the bottom of the p / c, a SOP of 50 mm is laid. We sew for the execution of state tenders and government contracts. Specify the prices by phone.
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Overalls wholesale from the manufacturer Ivanovo. Shipment from 10 tr Suit "Blizzard" The suit is warmed - a jacket and semi-overalls. Color: dark blue / cornflower Fabric: Greta 20xl. / 80% pe, 200 g/m2, VO Insulation: synthetic winterizer We sew to fulfill state tenders and government contracts
USD 10.35/pcs 10.35
We produce Aprons Available. Let's make batches to order Aprons made of water-repellent fabric Universal in size and height Any color, color combinations Look great on craftsmen For all categories of craftsmen and sellers
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Women's medical suit shirt and pants with pockets medical clothing for women workwear women's medical suit / women's medical suit white / women's medical suit / women's medical suit knitted / women's medical suit stretch / women's medical suit black / women's medical suit large size / knitted medical suit / medical suit for women with a pattern / medical suit for women knitwear / medical suit for pregnant women / medical suit knitted.
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Medical uniform for men and women, it is possible to sew on order terms and quantities are negotiated, the price is negotiable
Candas uniform
USD 16.35 - 53.4/pcs
Material production: Turkey Material composition: 60% polyester 40% viscose
Specify the price USD 0 0
Signal reflective vest
USD 4.9/pcs 4.9
Красивая моделька, подойдёт на все случаи жизни, просто выйти на прогулку или сходить на какое то важное мероприятие, в этой кофте вы всегда будете выглядеть эффектно)
USD 9.81/pcs 9.81
Very soft yarn, quite warm, while not hot in the room, luxury quality)
USD 15.0/pcs 15.0
Overalls for staff of restaurants, cafes
USD 15.0/pcs 15.0
Overalls for staff of restaurants, cafes and shops
USD 6.0 - 26.0/pcs
Chef Aprons
USD 4.0/pcs 4.0
Universal, working apron with a bib is perfect for a hairdresser, waiter, florist, bartender, salesman, cook, manicurist, attendants. For the manufacture of high-quality mixed material gabardine with water-repellent impregnation. Provides the user with reliable protection against contamination. For the manufacture of high-quality mixed material with water-repellent impregnation. Provides the user with reliable protection against contamination. On the apron there is a large patch pocket, divided into two sections in the middle. Apron with stitched neck strap, the length of which is adjustable with a double-slit buckle. You can adjust the fit of the apron.
USD 10.0/pcs 10.0
University academic doctoral regalia and graduation gown/gown
Specify the price USD 0 0
Women's collared medical gowns are one of the medical garments produced by Bambina Tekstil for healthcare workers. The gown can be used as a doctor's or nurse's uniform, these are very durable and functional models of medical clothing. Bathrobe made of waterproof and breathable fabric is used at any time of the year. The dressing gown is charismatic and stylish look. Long Gowns, which can be easily used in all services, can be combined with medical suits, outerwear and underwear. Easy to clean, easy to maintain, easy to iron, long yoke collar aprons are ideal medical products for medical professionals. Long stand-up collar robe made of high quality and flexible alpaca fabric. Locally produced alpaca fabrics in medium thickness, viscose and polyester blend. Extremely durable fabrics are easy to clean, quick to iron and use in summer and winter.
USD 11.0 - 12.0/pcs
Women's lycra printed tops are garments that grab attention with their quality and vibrant patterns made from super flexible lycra. Patterned tops, which can be used in children's clinics, kindergartens, veterinary services, services such as surgery, oncology, cardiology, have a wide variety of patterns, are easy to clean and iron. Products made in accordance with all body sizes have a V-shaped neckline. Women's tops have slits and three pockets. It is easy to combine with patterned bottoms, patterned bonnets and slippers. Patterned tops are easy to wash in the washing machine, their colors do not fade when washed at 30 degrees, and thanks to quality fabrics they have a long service life. The patterned tops that are used as nurses' uniforms are ultra-thin and light in structure, and usability is at the forefront of their design. Clothing produced with Bambina Tekstil quality has durable and vibrant colors. For employees who prefer elegance, outerwear with patterns for every taste allows you to be elegant even while working.

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