Swing Hammock - SH01
Product description
Lightweight woven fabric cotton swing hammock Specifiation • Material : Composite fabric, cotton/ polyester/ Teslin, etc (Material is customized available) • Size : Size: 200 x 100 cm/ 200 x 120 cm/ 200 x 150 cm (Size depends on dimension of hammock stand, customized available) • Capacity : 120 kg • Color : Customize • Lightweight woven fabric cotton swing hammock is generally made of composite fabric. • We accept partly customization on plastic parts colorway and packaging if customer's order volume meets required quantity. Woven wooden pole outdoor swing hammock is crafted of poly cotton, we only use superior quality of material to produce the all series of swing hammock. Woodever only use high quality of material to produce all series swing hammock, offered the best item for customer.
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Swing Hammock - SH01 - 77427

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1000.0 USD/pcs 1000.0 USD

Minimum order: 10 pcs

Supply ability: 10 pcs/per month

Woodever Industrial Co., Ltd
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