Huge soft teddy bear Yarokuz William 250 cm Peach
Huge soft teddy bear Yarokuz William 250 cm Peach
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The teddy bear is one of the most popular soft toys. Our soft beauties are already ready to give joy, warmth and comfort to their owners. The soft teddy bear loved by many will delight both adults and children alike. And a big bear will give a storm of sincere emotions to your beloved ones, girls, wives. Our teddy bears are luxurious from any side and everyone who falls into their fluffy embrace will no longer want to let go of these soft paws Upper material - Eco-friendly faux fur Filler - High quality hypoallergenic holofiber Weight, kg - 15.0 Size, cm - 250 A distinctive feature of our bears is their proportion and dimensions, because our soft and voluminous bear looks much more attractive than a bear with thin long legs All plush toys are usually measured at right angles (90 degrees): from the tips of the ears to the tip of the tail, from the tail to the heels of the hind legs The sum of these two values ​​will indicate the real size of the bear, taking into account its volume
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Huge soft teddy bear Yarokuz William 250 cm Peach - 70819

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