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For lovers of outdoor activities At the dacha, on the beach, on a fishing trip or on a picnic, you want to relax with maximum comfort. Folding chairs is one of the activities of the company "Zont". You can buy folding chairs in bulk at very attractive prices. The collection of folding chairs produced by our company is constantly supplemented and updated in accordance with the demands of the modern Russian consumer. Our folding chairs are of high quality, both materials and finished products. Tourism in Russia is very popular. The firm "Umbrella" produces many convenient and useful goods that will make such a vacation as comfortable as possible, therefore, an aluminum folding chair is an indispensable accessory for recreation in nature, fishing, picnics and even hunting, etc. With our furniture, some of your everyday problems will be solved, and you can simply enjoy a good rest in nature.
USD 85.07 - 468.5/pcs
Tents for street trade - convenient and inexpensive equipment Possibilities of using structures Equipment for selling goods outdoors sites have a number of advantages, such as compactness, mobility and ease of assembly and disassembly. Currently, the most popular for organizing commerce on the streets of the city are stalls for street trading. You can get acquainted with the range of such commercial equipment manufactured by the "Umbrella" company directly on the website. To the main possibilities of using outdoor commercial stalls when organizing a business, you can include: permanent or seasonal trade in markets and fairs; implementation of various offsite trade; conducting promotional outdoor events; when holding various mass celebrations, for example, Shrovetide, city day, etc .; sometimes stalls for street trading are used as protective awnings for expensive equipment, for example, when organizing performances by artists in open areas; in the summer season around many restaurants and cafes tents or gazebos are installed for those clients who prefer to dine or dine outdoors. We can say that shopping tents are the simplest, most convenient and an inexpensive way to quickly organize a trading place in almost any conditions. Therefore, they are of interest to all entrepreneurs associated with street or market trade. Our company was founded in 1952, and in addition to the main products produces a wide range of street frame and tent trade equipment and is currently the leading manufacturer . Available technologies make it possible to produce almost the entire range of outdoor frame-tent equipment, namely: trade pavilions of any standard size, tents, cafes, modules for the sale of melons and gourds, as well as awning umbrellas, round and square, with a dome size of up to five meters. Frames for street trade equipment are made of steel square pipes from 20x20mm to 50x50 mm, depending on the size of the product, followed by painting with Finnish powder enamel. The stability of the quality of the manufactured metal frames for the specified equipment allows the company to increase the warranty period of their service up to three years. In the production of street trade equipment, only imported fabric is used in a wide range of colors, which guarantees stable water resistance. The company also manufactures, at the request of the customer, any outdoor non-standard trade equipment. Available technologies allow printing on the entire surface of the fabric cover. We guarantee the highest quality, low prices for our range, according to compared with other firms producing similar equipment. Your business success is our common success. Tent assembly procedure: 1. Assemble the frame according to the diagram attached to the product 2. Throw a fabric cover over the assembled tent frame 3. Pass three pipes through the holes in the front of the cover and then into the pockets of the visor. 4. Evenly distributing the covering over the roof of the tent, lower the side walls and fix them on the tent frame. Packing: the length of the frame of the commercial tent in the packed form does not exceed 2.15m. (for Mod. 206 all modifications). The fabric cover is packed separately from the frame in a fabric bag. The framework assembly diagram is attached.
USD 6.96 - 13.49/pcs
Fabric 100% polyester with water-repellent impregnation; steel rods, nickel-plated; needle length - 54 cm; plastic handle. Printed polyester fabric 100% with water-repellent impregnation; lightweight frame, steel rods, nickel plated; frame spokes combined using titanium alloys and high-strength polymeric materials; anti-wind system; needle length - 58 cm; assorted pens.
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Machinery, Industrial parts & tools, Home and office supplies, Store & supermarket supplies, Garden and outdoor furniture Russia, ул. Малахитовая 27

ZAO MAPKF "Umbrella" began work in 1953. Today the company produces an expanded range of products:

  • individual umbrellas
  • furniture for the garden and campsites,
  • special clothing and disguise,
  • prefabricated cafes
  • stalls
  • vegetable racks
  • travel goods
  • other goods.

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