Завод художественной ковки "Сороковка"

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USD 383.43/pcs 383.43
Forged bench No. 7 Width - 1800 mm. Height - 1000 mm. Depth - 670 mm. Strip 40x4, Square 14 mm, Forged elements, Bar 50x50, treated with an antiseptic. Painting Primer-enamel XB-0278 or Certa-Plast
USD 65.33/pcs 65.33
Forged door hinge No. 1 Length of the hinge is 700 mm. The door hinge is made of: * Reinforced strip 40 * 4 mm. * Forged peaks * Mating part - 10 mm strip. Hinges can be installed on forged gates, wickets, doors
USD 122.84/pcs 122.84
Forged bench No. 2. Height 560 mm. Width 1100 mm Depth 500 mm. Execution: Circle 10 mm., Strip 40х4, 25х4 mm., Painting Primer-enamel ХВ-0278 or Certa-Plast.
USD 429.59/pcs 429.59
Forged bed # 2. Dimensions: height - 1450 mm., width - 1660 mm., length - 2100 mm. Under the mattress - 2000x1600 mm. Twisted pipe 38, 22 mm., Profile pipe 50x25 mm., Strip 20x4 mm. Painting Primer-enamel XV-0278 or Certa-Plast
USD 85.21/pcs 85.21
Clothes hanger №2 Dimensions: height - 650 mm., width - 1000 mm., depth - 240 mm. Execution: Profile pipe 20x20 mm. Strip 40x4 mm. Square 10 mm. Circle 8, 10 mm. Forged elements Painting Primer-enamel XV-0278 or Certa-Plast
USD 78.11/pcs 78.11
Forged chair No. 1 Height 1050 mm. Width 400 mm. Depth 500 mm. Execution: Circle: 10, 12 mm. Forged elements Soft seat 400x440 mm. A sofa in the corresponding color can be purchased as a set for the chair.
USD 724.26/pcs 724.26
Forged sofa No. 4 Dimensions: Height: 1120 mm. Width: 2040 mm. Depth: 550 mm. Execution: Square: 14 mm. < br> Decorative forged elements. Painting Primer-enamel XB-0278 or Certa-Plast
USD 450.18/pcs 450.18
Forged bed # 1. Dimensions: height - 1400 mm., width - 1660 mm., length - 2100 mm. Under the mattress - 2000x1600 mm. Execution: Profile pipe 40x40, 50x25 mm., Strip 20x4 mm., Square 10 mm. Painting Primer-enamel XV-0278 or Certa-Plast
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Art forging plant "Forty", Red Hill.

The Sorokovka plant produces all types of forged products of any complexity.

Our production combines the secrets of old masters and the capabilities of modern equipment, which allows you to create real masterpieces from steel.

The plant has a powerful production base, which allows to produce high-quality metal products in large volumes.

Only specialized specialists work for us. Products are created here from the idea to the turnkey delivery of the object. Unlike small workshops, we are not limited in possibilities. Modern equipment, creative developments of our own designers and the experience of high-class masters allow us to fulfill any order efficiently.

We are a convenient, reliable and responsible partner, both for individuals and for large construction companies.

We invite dealers from all regions, trade and construction organizations to mutually beneficial cooperation. We are ready to offer the most favorable prices, develop convenient conditions for cooperation, provide advertising catalogs, booklets.

We are confident that the welded and forged products we offer are the best that can currently be offered to the consumer. These are well-known, prestigious, reliable, beautiful, high-tech products with the best price-quality ratio.

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