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Завод инженерных пластмасс

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Belarus, Республика Беларусь ул. Кнорина 55

Our company ODO “Engineering Plastics Plant” produces modern material for the manufacture of any non-standard parts for industrial equipment and mechanisms operating under constant loads - blanks made of KAPROLON. We also in the shortest possible time will produce finished parts from single copies to large serial batches according to your drawings, sketches. Using our products will increase the reliability of your equipment, extend the service life of components and parts, overhauls. By cooperating with us, you can easily organize overhaul maintenance, timely and quality repairs, and equipment upgrades. At the same time, you will ensure the rational use of materials for repair work, you will reduce unscheduled repairs and equipment downtime, reduce the cost of repairs and its maintenance based on the use of new progressive and high-quality materials. “Engineering Plastics Plant” is the only manufacturer of caprolon in the Republic of Belarus (Certificate of own production No. 138. Б1177-1). In addition to selling our products, we also provide our customers with the necessary technical advice for a more rational and competent use of modern engineering plastics. The quality of our products is time-tested: for more than 13 years we have been engaged in the production and sale of engineering plastics. We are well known not only in the Republic of Belarus, but also in Russia, Ukraine, and Moldova. More than 70% of our products are exported.

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