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"Model 850 mini Product Street cleaning Type of cleaning Sweep KUBOTA engine IIIA emissions Maximum diesel power 25 kW Power plant Diesel Sweeping width 1500-1850 mm Waste bin capacity 0.8 - (1 Opt) l Water tank 200 l Unloading hopper to a height of 1425 mm L x W x H 3400 x 1100 x 2070 mm Weight 1850 kg Dulevo is the world's leading manufacturer of a wide range of industrial sweepers and other street cleaning equipment. and high productivity.It is effectively used in areas inaccessible to conventional sweepers, such as walkways, stops, sidewalks, parking lots. thanks to the central hinge system, it can work even on uneven surface and move at a 25-degree tilt. The sweeping width of the machine is 1600 mm. The machine has a capacious high hopper with a garbage compaction system (to increase the capacity). During operation, rotating brushes (main and additional) sweep dirt and dust into the hopper, where it is sucked in by a powerful turbine and filtered clean air comes out through the dust filter. Garbage from the hopper can be dumped into a container or dump truck. The Dulevo 850 mini sweeper has an additional leaf suction function. This model meets all international standards and safety requirements, it has increased noise insulation, an almost silent motor and strict control of exhaust gases and noise. The Dulevo 850 mini combines high performance with a small compact size and ease of operation and maintenance. This model does not differ in the working conditions of the operator. The machine has an ergonomic operator's cab with easy entry and easy operation. The operator has easy access to any part of the engine, which facilitates maintenance. In addition to the standard Dulevo 850 mini, you can purchase additional accessories. In our company, the Dulevo 850 mini exhaust sweeper is always available. You can buy this model from us, rent it and purchase the necessary spare parts for it. We offer an obligatory guarantee and high-quality service for all equipment. We deliver special machinery and equipment to all regions of Russia. "
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Information about the company and its products from “Air Castle Plant” Our company was opened already in the quite distant 1999. During this time, we always showed excellent development indicators, never lost our way. Even in difficult crisis times, we did not hang our nose, practically did not slow down our momentum. Want to know what is the secret? It lies in the impeccability of the services provided, the excellent working capacity of the team, always moderate financial appetites. In our company, everyone can order the best products made from high-quality materials, without overpaying. Becoming a client of the company "Air Castle" - it is very beneficial and convenient! Your every whim will easily come true. So much so that even better than they dreamed! “Air Castle Plant” produces emergency equipment for the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the Russian Emergencies Ministry: 1. A model of an inflatable tank and any equipment, 2. A ship-lifting and a load-lifting inflatable pontoon, 3. A ladder raft for aircraft, 4. An inflatable raft for rescue on water, 5. A boom emergency inflatable flood barrier, 6. Pneumatic module pneumatic hangar, 7. PPSU 20 pneumatic hopping and rescue device - life cube, 8. Tent for the Ministry of Emergencies and a field hospital. 9. Inflatable medical tent for disinfection, 10. Stretcher for injured, wounded and sick people, 11. Temporary construction during the construction and repair of roads. Pneumo-modular structures are long-standing developments of world engineering and have been successfully used all over the world for several decades. These structures are hermetic (glued or welded) arched-type cylinders of reinforced PVC, combined into a single design that can withstand wind speeds of up to 40 m / s and snow load of up to 80 kg / m². They can be used for commercial and government needs. "Air Castle Plant" presents you a wide range of pneumatic and pneumatic frame constructions of different sizes and purposes. Pneumatic facilities are prefabricated, convenient to use, very economical designs that allow you to use these comfortable rooms for a variety of purposes: as temporary, but rather long-term housing, field hospital, command post, sports court, horse riding hall, warehouse of any orientation. Pneumatic installations are indispensable in emergency rescue operations in cases of catastrophes, accidents, natural disasters. Pneumo-modular and pneumoframe structures in essence of use do not differ from inflatable structures. However, there are some significant differences in the complexity of the construction. Consider them below. Pneumomodular and pneumoframe constructions are distinguished by: 1. Low cost and ease of operation. 2. Short production time. 3. Small in packaged condition. 4. Quick erection - 3-4 days. 5. The minimum cost of preparing the foundation. 6. No permits needed. 7. The ability to build over already standing equipment. 8. Low energy consumption during operation, since the swap system is turned on once every 2-10 days (depending on the weather). 9. The entire area covered by the structure remains useful, since there are no intermediate columns and pillars. 10. A variety of architectural shapes and sizes, which allows you to expand the design or, conversely, reduce it. Pneumo-modular structures have been widely used in the commercial environment, as quickly erected warehouses and pavilions for the reasons listed above. We recommend that you request a full consultation on the pneumatic module facilities before ordering. It is possible to copy existing pneumoframe modules as well as create new ones. For the Ministry of Emergencies: Pneumo-modular frame hangars for aircraft and any equipment Pneumatic hopping and rescue devices PPSU 20 - a cube of life to repay the energy of a person falling during a fire or other emergency situation Our products are certified in accordance with the requirements of Voluntary certification No. POCC RU .MP17.H00001 dated 09/02/2009 and POCC No. RU.MP17.H00002 dated 10/19/2009.

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