Zenotoys Crazy Croco
Zenotoys Crazy Croco
Zenotoys Crazy Croco
Zenotoys Crazy Croco
Product description
Box contents: 4 Crocodile heads 4 Crocodile body 20 Plastic balls Game Guide RULES OF THE GAME The ball collecting game, in which at most 4 and at least 2 people can compete, has a game design that strengthens the hand-eye coordination and reflexes of children. While competing with their opponents, trying to collect the most balls or to catch the golden marble that gives double points, children also contribute to their physical and mental development as they use their fine motor skills. 2 cute Crocodiles are waiting for their little players for both an exciting competition and an extremely enjoyable race.
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Zenotoys Crazy Croco - 66635

9.99 USD/pcs 9.99 USD

Minimum order: 100 pcs

Supply ability: 7 pcs/per day

Zeno Industrial Products Joint Stock Company
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