Zenotoys War of the Cows
Zenotoys War of the Cows
Zenotoys War of the Cows
Zenotoys War of the Cows
Zenotoys War of the Cows
Product description
RULES OF THE GAME Rival cow herds will try to move in a straight direction to conquer new pastures in this action-packed strategy game that the whole family will love! The object of the game is to spread your cow herd across the widest meadows. The player in turn divides the herd of cows in two as he wishes and moves them in a straight line towards the farthest meadow. Watch out for all herds to scatter and make an action plan to prevent further spread by surrounding your opponents with your own cows! War of the Cows takes you on a brand new adventure with each new game, as a different playing field is created by the players when starting a new game!
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Zenotoys War of the Cows - 66639

4.99 USD/pcs 4.99 USD

Minimum order: 100 pcs

Supply ability: 7 pcs/per day

Zeno Industrial Products Joint Stock Company
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