Zenotoys IQ Cubes
Zenotoys IQ Cubes
Zenotoys IQ Cubes
Zenotoys IQ Cubes
Zenotoys IQ Cubes
Product description
RULES OF THE GAME Try to make the patterns on the cards with the dice that have different patterns on their surface. Did it come easy? So don't make up your mind right away and try other rounds as well. There are 3 difficulty levels in IQ Cubes. Whoever collects the most cards wins the game. Among the gains; -Mental visual attention, -Part-Whole and figure-ground relationship, -Short-term memory, -Copying and transferring knowledge.
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Zenotoys IQ Cubes - 66638

5.99 USD/pcs 5.99 USD

Minimum order: 100 pcs

Supply ability: 7 pcs/per day

Zeno Industrial Products Joint Stock Company
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