Zenotoys Match
Zenotoys Match
Zenotoys Match
Zenotoys Match
Zenotoys Match
Product description
RULES OF THE GAME Match is a game with great content that includes three simultaneous memories, a shape find and match game. Includes Match 9 cardboard floors, playing cards and matching cards. In the memory game, each player gets 3 cardboard layers for himself. Playing cards are placed back side up. The aim of the game is to memorize the shapes on the cardboard floor and match the playing cards with the shapes on this cardboard floor. But the game is not that simple. There is a memory game in Match that players can play in 3 different ways. Match also includes a simple matching game. The matching game is played with 40 matching cards. All 40 matching cards are revealed and the next player deals two cards. The player who matches the cards correctly wins the cards. The player who collects the most cards wins the game. There is also Match Shape (Detective) game. Find the Shape (Detective) game is played by combining 9 cardboard layers. The game begins by turning one of the stacked playing cards face down. The first player to find the shape on the card points to the shape and wins the card. The player who collects the most cards wins the game.
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Zenotoys Match - 66641

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