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таблетки из ростков пшеницы сухие спресованные ЖИВИ200

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Dry wheat shoots: 1. Increase the immunity of the whole human body; 2. Stabilize the pancreas and thyroid gland; 3. Effectively combat anemia and normalize blood pressure; 4. Help in the treatment of diseases such as cancer, colds, ear, nose and throat pathologies, various inflammatory processes, gastrointestinal ulcers, pancreatitis, arthritis, all kinds of skin inflammations, and others; 5. Dry wheat shoots can cure almost all protracted diseases (chronic). 6. Dry wheat shoots may effectively cleanse the body of carcinogens and radionuclides; 7. If you use dry wheat germ regularly (from 30 to 60 ml per day), it is possible to completely clean the liver; 8. Daily use of dry wheat shoots helps cleanse the skin of acne and blackheads, and also makes scars invisible; 9. The use of dried wheat germ for more than 1 year (regularly) returns the hair a natural color, eliminating gray hair; 10. Has a rejuvenating effect, smoothing wrinkles and regenerating cells, improves the appearance of skin and hair.
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