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Ziyo Textile

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Home Textile, Towel, Bedding set, Women's clothing, Women's workwear, Women's robes, Men's clothing, men's work clothing, Men's robes, İslamic clothing, Textile, Tricot, Cosmetics and perfumery, Bathroom accessories, Individual protection supplies, Protective Suits, Women's slippers, Men's footwear, Men's Slippers, Men's sports shoes, Children's footwear, Bags Uzbekistan, Бухара, халклар дуслиги 100
Uzbekistan, Бухара, халклар дуслиги 100

Ziyo Textile LLC is a manufacturer and supplier of textile products. The company specializes in the production of superior quality textiles for corporate clients. We can provide wholesale supplies, decorating your enterprise in a uniform style, giving individuality and uniqueness. Ziyo Textile accepts orders for the manufacture and supply of the entire line of commercial textile products. We will provide you with everything you need to ensure the full operation of the hotel, recreation areas, sanatoriums, medical institutions, children's health camps, as well as for the comfortable conditions of your home. We have production and storage facilities at our disposal, which allows our company to offer products of excellent quality at a very affordable cost. The production facilities of the company are a workshop for sewing bedding sets, pillows and blankets; mattresses; curtains; bath towels and sets, bathrobes; linen (CPB, sheets, pillowcases, mattress covers, under

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