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Recommendations for use: The tea leaves are placed in a hot porcelain teapot, poured over with boiling water, drained and immediately poured again. To preserve heat, cover the kettle with a napkin for 5 minutes. Storage conditions: Store in clean, dry, well-ventilated rooms with a relative humidity of no more than 70% and at a temperature of up to + 25 ° C, avoiding neighborhood with pungent-smelling goods.
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Flaxseed cake, a by-product of oil extraction, obtained after the extraction of oil from flaxseed. In animal diets, it can be used as an alternative to sunflower meal or meal, as well as flaxseed. Characteristics: 25% digestible protein < li> 30% nitrogen-free extractives. 1kg of flaxseed meal contains 338g of crude protein, 102g of crude fat, 11.5g of lysine and 9.1g of methionine. Flaxseed meal contains all the necessary micro and macroelements, vitamins A, D, E, but vitamin B is most fully represented. In terms of digestible protein, flaxseed meal is 2.7 times higher than wheat, 5 times in fat content, and 4.2 times in calcium content , for iron by 5 times. According to the doctor of agricultural sciences, professor, member of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences VV Glukhov, flaxseed cake is a valuable, high-calorie, concentrated feed for agricultural animals. Studies of the Research Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine have shown that the use of flaxseed cake in an amount of 0.5-0.8 kg per head per day with coarse-concentrate diets increases the milk productivity of cows by 5-12%, which corresponds to 1.5-2 liters of milk . Flaxseed cake has shown very high efficiency in fattening young animals - it accelerates growth, significantly improves the condition of wool and hooves. (Flaxseed cake is given to agricultural animals of all types in dry or wetted form in a mixture with other feeds and as part of compound feeds). Recommended norms: Milking cows can be given up to 4 kg per day (when processing milk for butter up to 2.5 kg); Calves - up to 10 months - up to 500g in feed mixture, has a very good effect on growth (weight, hair, eyes, hooves); Fattening young cattle - 1.5 kg, Horses - the optimal rate of 0.5-1 kg per day, maximum - 2 kg without work and 3.5 kg for horses in training; Pigs - 200-300 g per head per day and 400-600 g for pregnant and suckling queens are introduced into the diet of fattening pigs. For lambs - when fattening lambs, the norm is up to 4 months 100 g, over - 200 g per day. For adult poultry - 7%, for young animals - 2%, of the total volume of dry feed.
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The biological value of flaxseed oil lies in the fact that it contains a record amount of OMEGA-3 unsaturated fatty acid (up to 70%). Nutritionists usually recommend flaxseed oil as the most easily digestible and the most beneficial, especially for people with fat metabolism disorders. Oil production is carried out by the method cold pressed. At a temperature of 38-45 0 C. This spin temperature allows you to preserve the most valuable properties of our oil. We produce oil from oilseeds flax crops, which are supplied from central and southern regions.
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Grocery, Diet food, Coffee and Tea, Flour & Grains, Sunflower oil, Veterinary and Animal Feed Russia, ул.Гоголя, д. 51 А

We produce one of the most famous and beloved brands of linseed oil - Vologda linseed oil.

Together with him, we also produce vegetable oils (mustard, linseed, milk thistle, sesame seeds), packing of seeds and flour under the brand "Traditions of the North", Ivan-tea "Traditions of the North".

Our company is engaged in the production and sale of linseed, sesame, mustard and milk thistle oils, including the famous "Vologda Flaxseed" oil.

Ivan tea was hand-picked in ecologically favorable areas of the Vologda Oblast in May, before buds appeared. A special fermentation method gives a good color and a pleasant aroma when brewing.

Products are made from high-quality 100% natural raw materials, without the use of artificial additives, flavor enhancers, thickeners and preservatives.

Today, Plant Oil Plant LLC is the only producer of linseed and mustard oil and milk thistle oil in the Vologda Oblast.

Our customers are distributors in more than 30 regions of Russia. Products are presented in the networks: Intertorg (Moscow, St. Petersburg), Izhtrade (Izhevsk), MAXI (Vologda), Scarlet Sails (Moscow) and many other regional networks.

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