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corrugated stainless steel hose in coils
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corrugated stainless steel hoses for gas
USD 2.0/pcs 2.0
stainless steel water and gas supply
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We produce a wide range of metal structures for industry and construction, the private sector, metal products, metalworking of any complexity, plasma cutting, iron casting according to your requests. Modern equipment guarantees quality reliability of the executed orders, and also reduces the cost of the final product.

Eyeliner for water and gas, stainless steel bellows

Compared to a rubber tube liner, a bellows type water liner has a number of special advantages:

  • long service life (up to 25 years), is not subject to corrosion, the effects of rodents, moisture and biological organisms (mold, etc.);
  • absolute hygiene;
  • not afraid of "defrosting" in the winter;
  • compensates for linear expansion and contraction, provides a constant cross-section;
  • bends manually, maintains the accepted position (bend), does not change the bore diameter;
  • provides reusability without compromising quality and durability;
  • absolute resistance to hydroblow.

Applications for bellows
flexible stainless steel bellows for water and steam and water liners for household appliances flexible stainless steel liners for food equipment flexible bellows-type eyeliners for high temperatures
high pressure water bellows
flexible stainless steel liners for fuels and lubricants and solvents
water connections for connecting thermal curtains and air heaters
bellows connectors for connecting solar collectors
flexible bellows connectors for connecting the chiller to fan coil units
flexible eyeliner for chemical laboratory instruments
flexible stainless steel coil with union nuts and without nuts

Flexible corrugated metal hose made of stainless steel with connecting elements: fitting nut, fitting fitting, nut-nut with a diameter of 1/2 "and 3/4"

Designed for connecting gas to domestic and industrial appliances and boilers, corrugated water hoses for connecting hot and cold water, boilers of various lengths. Channels for wiring, underfloor heating, etc.

They are made of AISI 304 stainless steel, as well as of ordinary steel with a 2-layer nickel coating. Flexible gas hose for stainless steel gas is certified in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, it also has a certificate and meets the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union (TS BY / 112 02. 01. 003 03335).

We also offer a metal hose in long coils; it is an irreplaceable material when you need to use an arbitrary size for connecting gas heating boilers, domestic gas cylinders, gas stoves, water pipes.

Gas hose options: nut-nut, nut-fitting, connecting size 1/2 ", 3/4". At the same time, the minimum inner diameter of the metal hose is 12 mm, which is 50% more compared to the hole of a conventional rubber liner.

We will develop drawings for KM, KDM, and carry out design work.

We produce and sell related products and services from stock and on order:

Metal wholesale and retail, cut into the size you need.

Rolled metal products, steel strips and sheets, pipes, I-beams, channels, beams, hexagons, angles, fittings. Metal profiles, decking. Mortgages, piles, supports, girders, trusses and arches, reinforcing cages.

Modular buildings, frame hangars and premises, cabins, cabins, frame houses. Bicycle parking.

Fences, gates, gates, window bars, railings, fences, posts, netting, metal profiles.

Fences from metal panels of laser cutting, any drawings and wishes.

Awnings, stairs, peaks, railings, balcony modules and much more. Greenhouses, frame arbors. Forged products according to your sketches and wishes.

Braziers, braziers, grills, barbecue, cauldrons, stoves for cauldrons, heating stoves and fireplaces, stoves for baths and all kinds of accessories.

Wooden houses for children, sandboxes, game complexes.

Our experts will provide competent advice on any issue, have many years of experience and practice in the production of metal products of various types and complexity. This will allow you to get high-quality metal structures and goods at the best price in the market as soon as possible. We guarantee high quality of metal structures and goods produced, compliance with all necessary standards.

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