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The Tenth Kingdom is an officially registered trademark owned by the eponymous Group of Enterprises.

Specialization - developing and educational games, children's toys, packaging. In 2015, our annual output exceeded 5 million games and toys, and the range exceeded the thousandth mark.

Product sales are carried out by the Far Far Away LLC.

Until recently, we sold toys in bulk, but not so long ago, on the basis of a long-existing corporate website, we opened the company’s online toy store "Tenth Kingdom". Our customers have the opportunity to purchase games and toys of the brand "Tenth Kingdom" at the price of the manufacturer, regardless of quantity.

You are most likely familiar with our products. It is unlikely that someone in our country produces more than we metal designers, mosaics, cubes, children's lotto, children's dominoes, magnetic and magnetic-marker boards and many other goods for children. Annually, the assortment is replenished with about a hundred new articles. Last year, the product line of the “Tenth Kingdom - Far Far Away Kingdom” was supplemented by new bird feeders and birdhouses, wooden blocks and building kits, boards and burning kits, falling towers, caskets for girls, a new series of metal designers and many more new products.

In 2016, this work will be continued and our range will be replenished with fundamentally new wooden and plastic designers, iron tops and wooden pyramids. All plastic cubes with gluing will be replaced by new ones, the assortment of Russian lotto will triple, its quality will increase. In addition, we are going to release more than 100 items of toys under the Disney license. This is what we are already working on today.

In the meantime, we are still one of the fastest growing enterprises in the industry. All products are certified, many are protected by copyright, patents and certificates. The enterprises have organized incoming inspection of raw materials and components, we do without the involvement of labor migrants, we are one of the best in terms of labor protection.

In 2015, the toy of the “Tenth Kingdom” gathered a record crop of prizes, medals and diplomas, becoming the winner in absolutely all significant competitions of children's toys held in the country, including the “Golden Bear” (victory in two categories at once).

In 2016, we will try to repeat our record, although awards are not the main thing, the main thing is that our toy is interesting to children and accessible to their parents.

Thank you for your attention to our brand.

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