"Tarantinki" (Who am I? Guess in 60 seconds!)
"Tarantinki" (Who am I? Guess in 60 seconds!)
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Guess who you are in 60 seconds! Firefighter? Trolleybus? Hamster? Ask questions, get “yes” and “no” answers, analyze and guess your character. Tarantinki can be played both together and in a large company - however, young children will need the help of a presenter. The game trains analytical skills and deduction. The composition of the game: - tiaras-holders; - 8 pcs. - cards with characters; - 36 pcs. - hourglass; - an elastic band for tiaras - 2.5 m. Rules of the game: 1. Shuffle the cards and place them facedown on the table. Draw out a random card and place it on the tiara holder. 2. Turn the hourglass over and start asking questions that can be answered yes or no. 3. If you did it in a minute, take a new card. The move goes to the next participant. 4. The game goes on until all cards run out. The winner is the participant who has collected the most cards. The game is intended for children from 5 years old. The materials used to make the game are safe for children. Expand the boundaries of the game by adding characters from the game Tarantinki 7+ to your cards.
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