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Oil & gas equipment and machinery, Oil & gas processing machinery, Petroleum transportation and storage equipment, Textile machinery, Amusement park equipment, Road Construction Machines & Equipments, Food & agro machinery, equipment, Industrial Equipments and Machines, Other equipments and machines, Storage tanks, Agriculture Machinery & Equipment, Construction Machinery & Equipment, Machinery & equipment, Metallurgy, Metal Structures Kazakhstan, Атырау, улица Куттыгай батыра 21
Kazakhstan, Атырау, улица Куттыгай батыра 21

Kazakhstan Machine-Building Plant - AtyrauNefteMash LLP, is one of the leading heavy industry plants and specializes in the design, production, maintenance and repair of all kinds of machines, technological equipment and their parts.

The plant's products are manufactured in accordance with the highest industry requirements, as well as meeting the requirements of GOST, ASME, ASTM, ISO, API, DIN, EN, and others, as evidenced by the availability of the relevant certificates, attestations, licenses and other permits at the plant.

In addition, the entire range of the plant's products undergoes mandatory testing by the method of acoustic emission (pneumatic testing) or hydrotesting, as well as examination of the testing-mechanical and chemical laboratories created on the basis of the AtyrauNefteMash LLP plant, which includes mandatory testing by methods of destructive and non-destructive testing, in including acoustic (ultrasonic) flaw detection, radiation flaw detection using X-rays and gamma rays, organoleptic flaw detection and other quality control methods.

Over the years of the plant's activity, more than a hundred units of products have been produced, including an oversized super-heavy propylene separation column for the gas chemical complex under construction in Atyrau. The main customers of the AtyrauNefteMash LLP plant are North Caspian Operating Company B.V., Tengizchevroil, Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V., Linde AG, China National Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd., and the plant has also successfully delivered products for Marubeni and Sinopec companies. The predominant part of the manufactured products is equipment operating under the influence of high pressure, corrosive environments, high temperatures and other features of the intended purpose determined by customers.

Today, the main nomenclature of the plant's products is: high pressure apparatuses and pipelines, heat exchange equipment, heat power equipment, block-modular equipment, distribution stations, tanks for the separation / storage / processing of liquid gases, chemical products, oil and gas chemical products, columns, separators, furnaces, boilers, tanks and much more, which satisfied the needs of numerous enterprises of the petrochemical, mining, nuclear, shipbuilding, energy industries. Thanks to a wide range of products, the AtyrauNefteMash LLP plant managed to contribute to the largest projects in Kazakhstan, such as the development of the Tengiz, Karachaganak, Kashagan oil fields, the construction of an integrated gas chemical complex in Atyrau, the modernization of oil refineries, and bridge construction projects in the city of Nur-Sultan. In addition, at present, AtyrauNefteMash LLP is participating in a project to build a naphtha cracking plant in Nizhnekamsk, Russian Federation, and is also preparing to participate in similar projects in the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Republic of Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

Additionally, the AtyrauNefteMash LLP plant has launched new production lines and is ready to offer such products as grating and a service for protecting the surface of metal products and structures by hot-dip galvanizing. Also, the plant has an undeniable advantage in providing maintenance and repair services for existing oil and gas, chemical, mining enterprises operating in conditions of strict safety requirements.

AtyrauNefteMash LLP is open for cooperation and is ready to expand production horizons, as well as the geography of its participation in industrial, high-tech and innovative projects.

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