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Children will be difficult to persuade to interrupt the game, at least for lunch time. But they will learn to add and subtract in their mind very quickly and easily. Age: 4+, 8+ Subject: Addition and Subtraction, Numbers, Mathematics The nature of the game: Thinking Players: from 2 to 5 Playing time: 20-30 minutes Weight: 195 g. ORDER AMOUNT IN RUBLES DISCOUNT From 2 500 Free shipping * From 12,000 10% From 17,000 15% From 28,000 20% Over 40,000 < / td> 30% * On all orders over 2,500, in addition to the basic discount. If you in the comments to the order, indicate that this is an order for a class or kindergarten - we will attach a postcard and a set of posters to the class for each game as a bonus!
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