Матрешка традиционная Семеновская - 49058

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Today it is impossible to describe Russia without mentioning matryoshkas, which, surprisingly, are really huge.Semenov Matryoshka dolls are distinguished by an exceptional feature of the painting - bright colors, mainly yellow and red.The size of nesting dolls can vary from 7 to 20 cm in height and from 3 to 8 dolls or more.You can buy nesting dolls from the manufacturer in the company ABRIS LLC. We work without intermediaries, so we do not overcharge. Like all other products of our company (spoons, ladles, cutting boards, magnets and key chains, etc.) nesting dolls are produced by unique techniques by experienced craftsmen. In view of this, the products we offer are in truly high demand in many regions of Russia, Europe and Asia.
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