Grab set
Grab set
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Two bright and dynamic word games - in Russian and in English! Age: 6+, 8+ Subject: Letters and Reading The nature of the game: For speed, For thinking Players: from 2 to 5 Weight: 560 gr. “ Read-Grab "- children will quickly and with pleasure learn to put words together from letters: whoever reads faster - collects more. In the game, children read with joy and excitement! Progress in reading after a few games. ORDER AMOUNT IN RUBLES DISCOUNT From 2,500 Free shipping * From 12,000 10% From 17,000 15% From 28,000 20% Over 40,000 30% * For all orders over 2,500, in addition to the main discount. If you indicate in the comments to the order that this is an order for a class or kindergarten, we will attach a postcard and a set of posters to the class as a bonus for each game!
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