Soundproof board STRATO SoundArmis 40
Soundproof board STRATO SoundArmis 40
Soundproof board STRATO SoundArmis 40
Soundproof board STRATO SoundArmis 40
Product description
STRATO SoundArmis is a unique soundproofing material, in terms of soundproofing and sound-absorbing characteristics, it is the most subtle solution to the noise problem on the Russian and CIS market. A partition with STRATO SoundArmis 40 is equal in sound insulation characteristics to a 130 mm thick wall made of solid bricks, plastered on both sides. This efficiency is achieved due to the multi-layer, heterogeneous composition and density of the material. The Strato SoundArmis slab consists of two high density mineral wool mats bonded to an ESP membrane with an increased surface mass. It is used as additional sound insulation of walls and ceilings from airborne and impact noise. This panel provides an optimal combination of weight, volume, sound insulation, sound absorption and allows you to achieve excellent performance in a small size. The spunbond coating provides significant physical and mechanical strength and protection against dust during installation.
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Soundproof board STRATO SoundArmis 40 - 41250

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Supply ability: 100000 pcs/per day

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Алматы, Kazakhstan
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