Plastic mold for garden path Round Stones 80x80x6 cm
Plastic mold for garden path Round Stones 80x80x6 cm
Plastic mold for garden path Round Stones 80x80x6 cm
Plastic mold for garden path Round Stones 80x80x6 cm
Product description
Garden path mold Round Stones 80x80x6 cm Garden paths create a chic view of the suburban area, which add tidiness and nobility.   Concrete paths are durable and very practical. They are not afraid of any atmospheric conditions and are easy to clean.   At the present time, it is possible to make a concrete path with your own hands using special forms. Such a path will not only create comfort and coziness, but also emphasize the design of your site.   Drawing - an imitation of natural stone will help to create a mold for making a garden path. Round Stones 80x80x6 cm. This plastic mold consists of 9 cells that have an arbitrary shape and are connected together. They form a certain pattern, while the shape is designed in such a way that it allows the slabs to be joined together in any direction, to obtain tracks of the required width, as well as to make turns (bends), while the joints are absolutely indistinguishable.   It is also possible to adjust the color scheme of the garden path using various additives. With this form, you can easily decorate the paths in the garden or playground and you will be satisfied with the work done with your own hands.   Benefits of using a garden path mold: Fast production - the solution is ready within 20-30 minutes;   Individual creation of a picture - the ability to add color pigments for the uniqueness of the board;   Saving the budget - only the purchase of materials;   Ease of use - does not require special knowledge and skills, enough imagination and familiarization with training materials.   Characteristics of the shape for the garden path Round stones: Manufacturer: Hormusend Country of origin: Ukraine Guaranteed number of pouring cycles: 1000 Number of molds per 1m2: 1.56 pcs Pattern: round stones Type: garden path mold Material: wear-resistant plastic (polypropylene) Number of stones in the form: 9 pcs Finished board height: 60.0 mm Finished stone height: 60.0 mm Volume: 40 l Length: 800.0 mm Width: 800.0 mm Height: 60.0 mm Weight: 1.6kg Volume weight: 9.6 kg
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Plastic mold for garden path Round Stones 80x80x6 cm - 62646

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