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Plastic mold for garden path Castle Stone 60x60x6 cm with handles - 62649

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Minimum order: 2800 pcs

Supply ability: 1000 pcs/per day

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Garden path mold Castle Stone 60x60x6 cm with handles

An integral element of a well-groomed garden is a garden path, which allows you to comfortably move through it and not worry about the ground sticking to your shoes.


With minimal knowledge of construction and little effort, it is easier to pour a concrete path than to lay tiles. To make it as quickly and easily as possible, use a unique modern development - a special stencil that looks like cells that realistically imitate natural stones.


An unusual geometric design will allow you to make an easy-to-use shape for a garden path Castle Stone 60x60x6 cm with handles.


The garden path mold is made of wear-resistant polypropylene and is equipped with 2 handles for convenience. You just need to pour the solution into it, and after partial hardening, the form can be removed. Provided manufacturer's warranty for up to 1000 pouring cycles.


For a unique design, it is recommended to add a color pigment directly to the solution.


Benefits of using a garden path mold:

Quickness of manufacture - the solution is ready within 20-30 minutes;


Individual creation of a picture - the ability to add color pigments for the uniqueness of the board;


Saving the budget - only the purchase of materials;


Ease of use - does not require special knowledge and skills, enough imagination and familiarization with training materials.


Characteristics of the mold for the garden path Castle Stone:

Manufacturer: Hormusend

Country of origin: Ukraine

Type: garden path mold

Material: wear-resistant plastic (polypropylene)

Pattern: imitation of a wild stone

Number of stones in the form: 9 pcs

Guaranteed number of pouring cycles: 1000

Number of molds per 1m2: 2.78 pcs

Finished board height: 20.0 mm

Finished stone height: 40.0 mm

Length: 600.0 mm

Width: 600.0 mm

Height: 60.0 mm

Weight: 1.7kg

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