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Car Protection Cover Inflatable Car Cover Hail Protection - Best Protection Against Hailstones (up to 60 mm) - Sport - 465 x 220 x 70 cm…

FMC Hail covers
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Hailsuit is the first brand in the field of protective covers for extreme weather conditions. The Hailsuit consists of 0.025 mm thick double-layer PVC, divided into different air chambers. Cotton fleece interior provides a soft bond to the vehicle surface.

When the Hailsuit is deflated, it is compact enough to easily fit in the trunk of your car. But when the Hailsuit is filled with air through the built-in 12V pump, your vehicle is protected from hail damage up to 6cm! Thanks to the use of PVC, the Hailsuit is mildew free and prevents paint damage caused by acid rain and harmful UV rays.

A built-in pump ensures that all vulnerable parts, from bumper to roof, are fully protected from the most extreme forms of rainfall within 6 minutes. This pump is located on the passenger side and is easily powered through your vehicle's 12V socket. Three different built-in pump modes allow the Hailsuit to inflate, maintain stable pressure and actively deflate.

The Hailsuit is attached to the wheels of the car with adjustable straps, so the Hailsuit cannot be blown off the car by strong gusts of wind. Once launched, the Hailsuit can be folded down to the size of a duffel bag. Thus, the protective cover takes up little space and is easy to move. Traveling in extreme weather conditions?

Protect your vehicle with Hailsuit and avoid unnecessary damage to your valuable vehicle. Color: gray Size: Sport Dimensions: 465 x 220 x 70 cm Material: multilayer PVC 0.025 mm Fastening methods: straps

Pump: 3-position, 12V cigarette lighter

Included: 1x protective car cover

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