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The best CNC lathes (precision machines) from China from the manufacturer Push Ningjiang Company In order to purchase high-precision CNC lathes, or, if necessary, clarify the conditions under which the equipment will be supplied (characteristics of the main components and / or line elements), logistics , cost, etc., use the contact details or the feedback form provided on the site. The list of main equipment from the manufacturer: Five-axis series using the example of a precision five-axis horizontal machining center type IV Series of gear hobbing machines using the example of a precision CNC horizontal gear hobbing machine Series of lathes using the example of a CNC automatic lathe for longitudinal cutting A series of intelligent complexes using the example of a flexible manufacturing system FMS series special equipment series using the example of automatic assembly lineSpecial equipment series using the example of an assembly line for the production of auto partsA series of equipment using the example of jig boring machines A series of other equipment using the example of various types of presses In this case, the best option for you is to immediately send us your own request for a quotation accompanied by technical task. By sending a request with a technical specification, you save your own time and provide the Company with the opportunity to select the best offers for our best CNC lathes exactly for your requirements. Even if for some reason such machines are not on this site or in advertising booklets, we are sure that there is an option worthy of your attention in the list of our equipment.
USD 1219512.2/pcs 1219512.2
Automatic line for the production of bricks from the manufacturer (Cosmec). It is possible to supply a full-fledged turnkey plant, as well as individual units or components, in order to modernize your existing equipment. The composition of the line, the degree of automation and equipment may vary depending on the goals and objectives of the customer. The situation is similar with the pricing policy: the price of a line for the production of bricks can vary greatly. Therefore, when inquiring about the cost of equipment for the production of bricks, it is advisable to first take into account what your actual preferences are and whether the line meets your technical requirements (composition of the line, range of finished products, productivity, preparation of project documentation, installation supervision, degree of automation, etc. ) - only after that it is possible to set a preliminary price and real delivery times.
USD 457317.07/pcs 457317.07
Equipment for the production of mineral wool, on the example of the basic model 30KA Automatic line for the production of high quality mineral wool from the manufacturer. The capacity of the recommended automatic lines varies from 8,000 tons to 60,000 tons of finished product per year or more. You can quickly contact a specialist to obtain the required information or send a request using the contact details provided on this portal. In addition to the standard supply of stone wool production equipment, the Company can provide a full range of services: from site selection, terrain layout, construction and building reference materials, equipment installation, commissioning, staff training, to the modernization of old stone (mineral) wool production lines. The cost and terms of delivery of a new automatic line for the production of stone wool, warranty obligations, as well as services for the maintenance or modernization of existing equipment are negotiated on an individual basis. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that the indicated cost is not decisive and in the process of discussing a commercial offer it can significantly (!) Change both up and down.
USD 457317.07/pcs 457317.07
A mini-plant for the production of ceramic bricks is capable of not only producing high-quality bricks and / or tiles, but also has the ability to manufacture products with a significantly larger assortment than a large enterprise. The standard output is about 4 million bricks per year. This is an almost ideal option for developing a niche for the production of building materials while implementing original unique design solutions, as well as for filling the market with new and effective offers. For example, the described line is capable of producing both thin light partition blocks, and "American" (narrow brick), and facing tiles, and facing bricks with a textured surface. If you are interested in purchasing a mini-factory and you want to open the production of ceramic bricks and other building elements, use the following contact details of a specialist in charge of the CIS direction. Or, use the feedback form on the site. In order for your request not to fall into the basket and for it to receive the correct and really necessary answer, in this case, a commercial offer, we strongly recommend that you do the following and indicate in the appeal: The performance you require. Sizes of manufactured products, degree of hollowness (if necessary), strength, etc. The presence of a chemical analysis of raw materials that are planned to be used for the manufacture of products. Availability of main energy carriers and available capacities (gas, water, electricity, etc.). Address of the location and installation of the line. For whom the commercial offer should be prepared: private person (full name), organization (name).
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Manufacture of sandwich panels on the example of the universal line JF100. Delivery of equipment is carried out directly from the manufacturer from China. Terms of design, installation, staff training and warranty service are negotiated on an individual basis. The considered line is offered only as a sample. In each case, productivity, quality requirements for products, range of products, degree of automation, etc. are determined based on the needs of the customer. The information is provided by a direct certified supplier authorized to act on behalf of the manufacturer in Russia and the CIS countries - HEBEI SUOFU TRADING CO., LTD. Different from the production of standard sandwich panels, the main purpose of the JF100 line is to produce a new type of sandwich panel, namely, rock wool polyurethane composite board with improved functions of fire resistance, heat preservation, thermal insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, lightness and environmental protection. The production of a new generation of sandwich panels from mineral wool and polyurethane combines the reaction technology of machine, electrical, liquid and chemical polymerization of polyurethane with mineral wool and is a fully automatic continuous production line.
USD 1000.0 - 100000.0/pcs
Automated Trucks (AGV) for Production and Warehouse - Best Choice LONYU LY-AK Series Robotic Cargo Trucks LONYU LY-AU Series Robotic Cargo Trucks LONYU LY-AU Series Automated Trucks (Greter C-30) LONYU LY-AK Series Automated Trucks equipment and the formation of a request for delivery: At present, the variety of cargo trolleys for their intended purpose is large, there are a huge number of modifications of robotic equipment. Examples of use and design features, we look at the photo and in a short overview video. The video is presented by Hebei Suofu Trading Co., Ltd, which acts as an official supplier in the CIS from the direct manufacturer of AGV from China. If you have any questions related to the technical characteristics, performance properties of the relevant machines, pricing policy for robotic platforms, as well as other issues arising from the terms and conditions of delivery for which automatic trolleys (AGV) can be delivered to a particular region, you can get answers by contacting a representative of the Company.
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Our Company has the right to import and export, and is able not only to assist in ensuring the proper agreement between the seller and the buyer, but also to provide services for the transportation and escort of goods to the final destination. In particular, the result of such cooperation are numerous contracts, for example, on the supply of agricultural machinery (tractors) to the Republic of Belarus, on the supply of an automatic line for the production of mineral wool to the Chechen Republic, on the supply of workwear sets to Kazakhstan.

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