Automatic brick production line
Automatic brick production line
Automatic brick production line
Automatic brick production line
Product description
Automatic line for the production of bricks from the manufacturer (Cosmec). It is possible to supply a full-fledged turnkey plant, as well as individual units or components, in order to modernize your existing equipment. The composition of the line, the degree of automation and equipment may vary depending on the goals and objectives of the customer. The situation is similar with the pricing policy: the price of a line for the production of bricks can vary greatly. Therefore, when inquiring about the cost of equipment for the production of bricks, it is advisable to first take into account what your actual preferences are and whether the line meets your technical requirements (composition of the line, range of finished products, productivity, preparation of project documentation, installation supervision, degree of automation, etc. ) - only after that it is possible to set a preliminary price and real delivery times.
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Automatic brick production line - 93946

1219512.2 USD/pcs 1219512.2 USD

Minimum order: 1 pcs

Supply ability: 1 pcs/per month

Hebei Suofu Trading Co., Ltd
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