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A pulse oximeter is a device that detects the following indicators: the degree of blood oxygen saturation (SpO2); - heart rate (bpmPR). The level of blood oxygen saturation is a very important indicator for the diagnosis of various diseases! A drop in oxygen levels leads to dire consequences for the body. Using a pulse oximeter, you can quickly and accurately determine the drop in your normal oxygen content in the blood and take measures to correct the situation. You will be able to ventilate the room in a timely manner or leave it, take the necessary medications or call an ambulance. The pulse oximeter is finger-mounted and detects oxygen levels in just 10 seconds. It is an indispensable device for monitoring your health.
USD 390.0 - 400.0/pcs
A set of elastic bands for fitness of various loads is not just a "Fitness elastic band" - it is a whole Tool that will help you become even more attractive, energetic and active! The set includes: - 3 Fitness belts of the same length with varying degrees of load (from 15 to 60 kg): 1.Light 15-25 kg; 2. Medium 25-35 kg; 3. Hard 35-60 kg; -Instructions for using AvaFIT fabric fitness bands -Storage bag. The band does not wear off or curl as there are natural latex anti-slip strips on the inside. The belt trainer for legs, arms, buttocks, abs, hips is much more powerful than latex and is suitable for high-quality workout of almost all muscle groups of your body. The expander with storage pouch will allow you to exercise at home, at the gym or when traveling. Our tapes are easy to transport and store, as they practically do not take up space and are in a special bag that comes with the kit. Cost: from 10 pcs. up to 50 pcs. - 400 rubles. from 50 pcs. up to 100 pcs. - 395 rubles. from 100 pcs. up to 500 pcs. - 390 rubles. Delivery is possible!
USD 260.0 - 369.0/pcs
The universal orthopedic posture corrector will help you to relieve: pain in the back, shoulders and neck; Reduce headache; Get rid of stoop and other posture disorders; it is perfect for the prevention of these diseases. Our model fits: teenagers. Posture corrector for children for men. Posture corrector for men for women. Posture corrector for women This corset (orthopedics) should be worn during sedentary work, heavy physical exertion, in school and University. With such work, posture, neck and even blood supply to the brain will inevitably suffer. At the same time, memory and attentiveness decrease, vision will drop. Our posture corrector will help you avoid this, and in 21 days will form the habit of keeping your back straight. The material of the corset does not rub and does not constrict blood vessels, it is pleasant to the body. Vertebrologists recommend wearing this posture corrector (orthopedics) no more than 4 hours a day, no more than 4 days a week. This will help your muscles and ligaments get used to the correct back position.
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IP Koshelev I.G. deals with health products The philosophy and mission of our team is to give people a happy and fulfilling life through healthy body movements, which can be limited by diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Unfortunately, in the modern world it is extremely difficult to find a person who would not be bothered by the problems of pain in the back, neck, joints of the extremities ... -motor apparatus. And make your life even healthier and more free.

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