Fitness Rubber Bands Set
Fitness Rubber Bands Set
Fitness Rubber Bands Set
Fitness Rubber Bands Set
Product description
A set of elastic bands for fitness of various loads is not just a "Fitness elastic band" - it is a whole Tool that will help you become even more attractive, energetic and active! The set includes: - 3 Fitness belts of the same length with varying degrees of load (from 15 to 60 kg): 1.Light 15-25 kg; 2. Medium 25-35 kg; 3. Hard 35-60 kg; -Instructions for using AvaFIT fabric fitness bands -Storage bag. The band does not wear off or curl as there are natural latex anti-slip strips on the inside. The belt trainer for legs, arms, buttocks, abs, hips is much more powerful than latex and is suitable for high-quality workout of almost all muscle groups of your body. The expander with storage pouch will allow you to exercise at home, at the gym or when traveling. Our tapes are easy to transport and store, as they practically do not take up space and are in a special bag that comes with the kit. Cost: from 10 pcs. up to 50 pcs. - 400 rubles. from 50 pcs. up to 100 pcs. - 395 rubles. from 100 pcs. up to 500 pcs. - 390 rubles. Delivery is possible!
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Fitness Rubber Bands Set - 66328

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USD 390.0 - 400.0 USD

Minimum order: 10 pcs

Supply ability: 1000 pcs/per month

IP Koshelev I.G.
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