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The Altezani ALF 1300 is the modern home workout treadmill. Its speed varies from 1 to 12 km per hour. It is controlled through a console or remote control and contains a wide canvas. Thanks to the reinforced frame made of extra strong metal alloys, the simulator can withstand powerful jerks, daily loads, falls and other damage. It is used at home, in gyms. The manufacturer positions the Altezani ALF 1300 as a low-energy home treadmill. Its assembly is carried out with a basic tool for 15-40 minutes. The display of the treadmill shows distance traveled, workout duration, calorie consumption and current speed. The model is suitable for walking and running, has the following advantages: Air Step cushioning with advanced running elastomers to reduce stress on the spine and joints; Automatic lubrication system that prevents equipment breakdown and simplifies its maintenance; 4 LED display with instant response, high brightness and long service life; The maximum weight is 130 kg.
USD 1422.85/pcs 1422.85
The speed of the ALTEZANI ALM 1500 treadmill varies from 1 to 20 km / h. The model has a wide canvas (58 cm) with 3 tilt modes: from 0 to 15º. Its console displays your heart rate, distance traveled, body fat percentage and workout duration. The trainer can withstand daily intense workouts and is protected from falls, bumps and knocks thanks to its reinforced frame. And the Air Cushion cushioning system protects the joints and knees of athletes. The ALTEZANI ALM 1500 home treadmill contains the following equipment: Hi-Fi speaker; Tablet holder; Connectors for USB drives and MP3 players; Color TFT 15.6 display; Automatic lubrication system.   You can connect to it via WI-FI. When folded, it takes up no more space than an average mattress. And thanks to the Softdrop hydraulic system, assembly and disassembly takes 2-7 minutes. The treadmill is suitable for overweight (up to 150 kg) and thin people, beginner athletes and experienced sprinters, children and adults. It is used both at home and in gyms. Its warranty period is 12 months, and the actual service life can reach 7-10 years.
USD 777.09/pcs 777.09
Thanks to the reinforced frame, the ALTEZANI CR 120 ellipsoid can withstand a weight of 110 kg, and it tolerates intense loads and mechanical damage well. It has 24 levels of resistance and is customizable for a person with any physical data. It can be used by children, retirees, people recovering from injuries and illnesses. Orbitrek also has the following advantages: Display of the distance traveled, the duration of the workout, the number of calories burned, speed, load level and other indicators on the LCD display; Electromagnetic loading system providing silent operation of the cross-trainer, smooth movement of the pedals, fast switching of resistance levels; Comfortable anti-slip grips with ergonomic shape.   ALTEZANI CR 120 is an elliptical trainer for the home. But due to its high strength and durability, many fitness centers and gyms use it. The ellipsoid has built-in wheels that simplify its movement, and also takes up a small amount of space. Regular exercise on the CR 120 cross trainer brings the following results: Losing excess weight; Increased endurance; Formation of a beautiful and uniform figure; Posture correction; Prevention of injuries and diseases of the spine.   Exercising on an elliptical trainer has a positive effect on the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems of a person. They speed up metabolism, improve blood circulation, and help overcome stress and chronic fatigue.
USD 1237.02/pcs 1237.02
The UG-EL003 professional elliptical trainer is designed for clubs with an average and high passability level. Smooth running is assured by an electromagnetic drive system, a 9 kg balanced flywheel and the highest quality bearings. The high level of comfort is complemented by comfortable handles and a LED display with a convenient and simple interface. The user can easily select or change the load level and training mode. The display shows the required workout parameters: distance; speed; time; calories burned; load level; heartbeat Soft, wide pedals, combined with long strides, provide natural comfort during your workout.
USD 1457.18/pcs 1457.18
Professional stepper UG-ST001 has a modern appearance, high-quality performance and has the necessary set of technical characteristics for high-quality training. The stepper has a smooth ride and natural trajectory. It helps to improve the appearance of the calves of the legs, strengthen the muscles of the thighs, lower legs and back, train the cardiovascular system. The UG-ST001 professional front wheel drive stepper has the following features: Soft-grip handrails make exercise not only safe, but also comfortable. An informative display in the simulator with a pleasant and eye-safe LED glow displays the basic parameters of the workout on the UG-ST001: time, pulse, calorie consumption, which allows you to focus on achieving your goals.
Safety Vendors Trade
Алматы, Kazakhstan
USD 41.0/pcs 41.0
Sleeping winter bag. Mode: 30 - 35. Oxford fabric 210. Filler Sintepon 450gr, 2 layers. Dimensions 220x95.
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Scuba diving is a great way to have a good rest and have fun in your free time. The necessary set of equipment for diving into the underwater space is presented in a mix of scuba diving accessories. Give your clients the opportunity to relax and see the beautiful underwater world! The lot includes: masks, snorkels, fins, sets of masks with snorkels. Sizes and colors are different. Minimum quantity – 50 pieces. Average weight 17.5 kg.
USD 560.0 - 659.0/pcs
Unpowered treadmill curved treadmill Human powered treadmill Environmentally friendly fitness equipment fitness curve machine self-generating treadmill No power running machine Human power generation fitness Energy-saving fitness equipment Health curve treadmill Silent exercise machine space saving treadmill unique way of exercise Indoor running equipment healthy lifestyle Green sports solutions Self-powered fitness equipment Treadmill that saves energy bills health promotion equipment Easy to use treadmill
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We offer you a mix of ski protective helmets from the world famous German club FC Bayern München. The helmets are lightweight, with size adjustment, with good ventilation system, with ABC hardshell in youth models and In-mould PC helmet shell adult models, with goggle clips and other important features for safe skiing. The lot includes adult safety helmets and about 30% youth helmets. All helmets with labels, instructions, packed in original boxes, protective bags included. Colours: red, white (2 models), titanium.Sizes: 48-54, 54-58 and 56-61. Minimum lot of 96 pieces.Average weight approximately 92.7kg.
Yala, Thailand
USD 800.0/pcs 800.0
Treadmill - sports equipment
Black hawk
USD 2500.0/pcs 2500.0
Inbody 570 Body Composition Analyzer. Brand New.
Precision Sports
Albany, United States of America
USD 549.0/pcs 549.0
STRING GUIDE Used to indicate club path. It will become obvious if your club is following down a straight path to the hole or running inside out or outside in. STROKE GROOVER BLOCK Is designed for several different exercises. When putting use the numbers on the top to make sure that your follow through is equal to or longer than your back stroke, preventing deceleration. It can also be used to control club path. Position the block in such a way that the toe of the putter just barely touches the block. Now take you normal stroke. This will begin to give you the feeling of being square at impact. BALL MARKING DEVICE If you flip the Block over you will see that a golf ball can be inserted into the depression and marked to create an even line on the ball to aid in alignment. FOAM CONTOUR PADS You can begin to practice subtle breaks by placing the foam contour pads under the carpet. You can easily achieve left to right and right to left breaks using the foam contour pads. CUP REDUCING RING This is a great tool for teaching yourself to aim for the center of the cup. HEAD ALIGNMENT GUIDE At the end of the green is a small white hash mark in the middle of the rear panel. With the flag stick in the hole, take your natural putting stance. Adjust your stance until the hash mark disappears behind the flag stick.
Great crafter
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Great Craft Company. We produce custom-made rubber granule (outsole) for boxing bags. Sizes of rubber granules will meet your criteria from 6mm to 10mm.
USD 100.0/pcs 100.0
MOQ:  500set Material Polyester TPDN + latex screen 76*8cm different tension / weak weight 110g 76*8cm different tension / medium weight 125g 76*8cm different tension / strong weight 154g Mesh bag length 20*width 17cm PE bag 30*16cm Used to train hips, muscles of the upper and lower legs, balance the body, and enhance the core strength of the body   GIFTPARTY is the leading supplier and manufacturer of sport souvenir and water bottle gift that are manufactured under strict standards. We have many professional instruments to achieve continuous improvement of products through statistical analysis. To offer flawless products, we continue to strengthen in-line quality control in particular, coupled with intensive personal training. We have ideal factory environment control and management, and have professional human resources and work discipline. GIFTPARTY is committed to providing the best products of sport souvenir and water bottle gift to our customers all over the world.
USD 325.0/pcs 325.0
Boxing bag "onePRO FILIPPOV" Ø45 with springs. The bag of the "onePRO FILIPPOV" series is produced according to the patented technology "PAVS 300019-3" of the "Filippov" factory. This is a unique bag for boxing in terms of strength and filling. It is made of boat, anti-vandal PVC material with a high density of 950 g/sq.m. One-piece bag made of a single linen with one vertical seam. There are no horizontal connecting seams - this directly affects the wear resistance of the bag shell. The bag is equipped with a damping, shock-absorbing liner along the entire diameter of the product. The insert significantly reduces the load on the joints. In addition, due to the liner, the swing amplitude of the bag is reduced. The bag is stuffed evenly due to the uniform crimping technology developed by our company and which has no analogues. The bag is equipped with a cross-shaped spring shock absorber "Shock absorber F". Its difference from other suspensions: it reduces the swinging amplitude of the pear due to springs that “quench” the impact inertia. the feeling of a real fight - the bag is in a state of dynamics due to slight up / down fluctuations, as if repeating the movements of the athlete. suspension system "Absorber F" is more silent, unlike chains (this is especially important in a sports club and at home). The bag is not hard!! During operation, it does not lose its original appearance. The boxing bag is universal. Suitable for different levels of athletes. It has a presentable appearance with a clear cylindrical shape. The service life in a sports club is 8-10 years. For a home gym, the service life is not limited. We understand all the risks associated with delivery by transport companies, therefore - the boxing bag "onePRO FILIPPOV" will arrive to you securely packed, in a reinforced pvc container. Scope of the product: Martial arts sports clubs, Fitness centers, "Home" gym.
USD 209.99/pcs 209.99
Product Description Product Information Constructed with UV-Protected High-Density Polyethylene, the Lifetime® Teton Angler Kayak boasts the durability you’ve been looking for in a kayak. Its unique hull design provides excellent stability and great tracking as you reel in fish after fish on top of this sit-on-top fishing kayak by Lifetime®. Safely secure your favorite paddle with its convenient paddlekeepers, and create your perfect set-up with its flush mount rod holders for your next big catch!   FEATURES: Sit-on-top fishing kayak Constructed with UV-Protected High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) for ultimate durability Unique hull design provides excellent stability and great tracking Features an adjustable frame seating system for ultimate relaxation and supreme comfort Front and rear tankwell storage with six-point bungee system for securing gear Two 12” sections of universal track for convenient accessory mounting Self-bailing scupper holes help drain unwanted water from cockpit and tankwell Includes two (2) flush mount rod holders for convenience and ease-of-use Includes two (2) comfortable, luggage-style handles for easy transport Paddlekeepers safely secures your paddle to the kayak when out of use Includes a Manufacturer’s 5-Year Limited Warranty SPECS: Length: 120 in./10 ft. Width: 30.5 in. Carry Weight: 53.5 lbs. Max Weight Capacity: 275 lbs. Brand : Lifetime Country of Origin : United States of America or Imported Style : TETONANG Color: Azure Fusion,Recon Fusion
USD 244.99/pcs 244.99
  Product Description Product Information Perfect for the avid angler, the Future Beach® Trophy Deluxe Kayak delivers a smooth, stable ride. From the multi-chine hull to the adjustable, cushioned seat back, this boat optimizes your open water experience. The Deluxe offers coaming pads for extended padding and comfort while reeling in your next big catch. With two flush mount rod holders and a built-in tackle box, the Trophy DLX delivers on all levels!   FEATURES:   Deluxe sit-in fishing kayak Designed for fishing Great stability and tracking Two flush mount rod holders Built-in tackle box Multi-chine hull Coaming pads extend comfort while reeling in Adjustable seat back with cushion for deluxe comfort Double 10" x 18" elliptical storage hatches with rubber covers Front and rear bungees Step Lock adjustable foot rest system Front and rear carry handles Molded in cup holder Integrated drain plugs Built with UV resistant material for durable, long-lasting construction Manufacturer’s 2-year hull and 1-year accessories warranty         SPECS:   Dimensions: 10'6’’ x 29.5’’ x 12’’ Cockpit dimensions: 18.5’’ x 37’’ Boat weight: 46 lbs. Weight capacity: 300 lbs. Brand : Future Beach Country of Origin : Imported Color : Red/Black, Seaweed/Black
USD 314.99/pcs 314.99
  Product Description Product Information You’ll love the Field & Stream® 12' Eagle Run Fishing Kayak. Complete with cup holders, rod holders and an adjustable backrest, this kayak delivers the angler’s dream. This fishing kayak holds up to 500 lbs. and weighs in at a mere 60 lbs., making it suitable to house your gear while still light enough to transport. A paddle keeper, drain plug and storage space round out the list of phenomenal features you’ll love when you board this kayak.   FEATURES: One-person sit-in kayak Pontoon design Two fishing rod holders with leashes Thigh pads Adjustable footrests Foam seat and backrest pads Adjustable backrest Paddle keeper Drain plug Built in front console Removable storage pod with quick lock hatch Cup holders Rear and foredeck bungee cords Carry handles 2018 Models: Camo and Blue Camo 2019 Models: Camo Khaki and Blue Manufacturer's one year warranty   SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions: 12' x 29" Maximum weight capacity: 500 lbs. Carry weight: 60 lbs. Cockpit opening: 45" x 18" Outer shell material: 100% polyethylene Brand : Field & Stream Country of Origin : Imported Color: Blue Camo/Compound Resin,Blue/Dry Blend Resin,Camo Khaki/Dry Blend Resin,Camo/Compound Resin
USD 314.99/pcs 314.99
Product Description Product Information For an all-around versatile board that is great for any skill level paddler, sport the Connelly Voyager 2.0 Stand-Up Paddle Board! This SUP features a Thermo Shell ding-resilient construction with Thermo Shell seam reinforcement for durability and long-lasting use. A 9” center fin offers excellent maneuverability as you paddle, while an ergonomic center handle makes carry to and from the water as easy and efficient as ever before.   FEATURES: All-around use, stand-up paddle board (SUP) Perfect for any skill level paddler Thermo Shell ding-resilient construction for durability and long-lasting use Thermo Shell seam reinforcement for added strength and durability Soft sanded EVA pad for comfort and support 9” center fin for excellent maneuverability and stability Ergonomic center handle for easy and efficient carry Includes cargo area with bungee cord tie-downs for securing gear SPECS: Length: 10’6” Width: 32” Weight: 34 lbs Weight Capacity: 260 lbs Brand : Connelly Country of Origin : Imported Color: White/Blue/Lime
USD 349.99/pcs 349.99
Product Description Product Information A tandem kayak is a great way to explore local waterways with a friend! The Rambler is great for any experience level, from beginners to more advanced paddlers. It features two sit-on-top seats and molded-in footwells, as well as a tank well with bungee for storage. Transport is easy with the bow & stern Kayak Karrier handles or molded-through side handles.   FEATURES:   2-person, sit-on-top, recreational kayak Perfect for any skill/experience level Ideal for paddling in lakes, ocean bays, light surf or slow-moving rivers Two sit-on-top seats UV abrasion protection Impact resistant Molded-in footwells Tank well with bungee Kayak Karrier handles (bow & stern) Molded-through side handles Strong, durable construction with varied thickness throughout Easy to repair Manufactured with less waste Five-year limited manufacturer’s warranty     SPECIFICATIONS: Length: 13’6” Width: 34” Carry weight: 74 lbs Max. capacity: 550 lbs Brand : Perception Country of Origin : United States of America Style : RAMBLERTANDEM Color : Dapper, Sunset  
USD 244.99/pcs 244.99
Product Description Product Information With great stability and easy tracking, the Pelican® Mustang 120X EXO Kayak is the perfect ‘yak for your next big fishing trip! This 12’ kayak by Pelican® features a RAM-X™ construction for impact resistance, durability and rigidity both in and out of the water. Enjoy all-day comfort thanks to its adjustable ErgoForm™ padded backrest with seat cushion, molded footrests and extruded knee pads. With two flush mount rod holders and ample storage for your fishing gear, the Mustang 120X EXO is ready for your next big catch this season!   FEATURES: 1-person sit-inside kayak Perfect for fishing Easy to paddle; great stability and easy traction Two (2) flush mount rod holders for convenience Twin-arched multichine hull for excellent stability Constructed with RAM-X™ impact resistant materials for strength RAM-X™ polyethylene boasts a more durable, rigid construction Adjustable ErgoForm™ padded backrest with seat cushion for all-day comfort Molded footrests for ultimate comfort Extruded knee pads for added comfort Features ample storage for fishing gear Front deck storage hatch with bungee cords for secure storage Removable EXOPOD 17L hard shell storage compartment Ergonomic carry handles for easy transport to and from the shore Includes a smartphone holder at the cockpit Bottle holder for convenient refreshments Drain plug for conveniently draining unwanted water Includes a Manufacturer’s Limited Lifetime Warranty Style: MUSTANG120X SPECS: Length: 12’ (366 cm) Beam: 29” (74 cm) Depth: 16” (41 cm) Cockpit Width: 24.5” (62 cm) Cockpit Length: 50” (127 cm) Carry Weight: 47 lbs (21.3 kg) Maximum Capacity: 375 lbs (170 kg) Brand : Pelican Country of Origin : United States of America or Imported Color : Fade Deep Blue, Fall Sunset
USD 125.99/pcs 125.99
  Product Description Product Information Paddle out this season with the Field & Stream® Blade 80 Kayak for an adventure you won’t soon forget! Safely secure your favorite gear on deck with bungee cords, or utilize its built-in front console for accessible and safe storage as you paddle about the water. For better stability, comfort and all-around easier paddling this season, sport the Blade 80 by Field & Stream®!   FEATURES: Sit-in design For recreational kayaking Made for one paddler Front and rear carry handles for easy transport and carry Includes action camera mounts for convenience Includes bungee cords for securing down gear Built-in front console provides safe and secure storage Includes a cup holder for convenience Foam seat with adjustable back rest for optimal comfort and support Paddle keeper for securing your paddle when out of use Open rear well for accommodating up to a 5 gallon bucket Drain plug for preventing unwanted water from filling your kayak Built in the USA SPECS: Length: 94” (7’ 10”) Width: 28” Carry Weight: 35 lbs Max Weight Capacity: 260 lbs Brand : Field & Stream Country of Origin : United States of America Style : PAD00168 Color: Light Blue,Lime
USD 174.99/pcs 174.99
  Product Description Product Information Perfect for new paddlers and seasoned ‘yakers alike, the Swifty Deluxe by Perception® delivers an awesome performance! A stable hull and awesome tracking keeps you on the straight and narrow when you set out on the open waters without sacrificing quick maneuverability. Molded-in rod holders and a 10” hatch make the Swifty Deluxe perfect for fishing as well. Get out and enjoy the water in the Perception Swifty Deluxe!   FEATURES:   1-person, sit-in, recreation and fishing kayak Ideal for paddling in calm waters Great for beginners or intermediate paddlers Easy to paddle design for all skill levels Built for fishing Stable hull design Quick maneuverability and good tracking Multi-chine hull Keepers foot braces Padded seat back and seat pad Molded-in dashboard Molded-in handles Molded-in rod holders 10” round hatch Drain plug Deck rigging Paddle park Five-year limited manufacturer’s warranty SPECIFICATIONS:   Length: 9’6” Width: 28.5" Carry weight: 44 lbs Max capacity: 300 lbs Brand : Perception Country of Origin : United States of America Style : SWIFTYDLX Color : Funkadelic, Lime/Black Blue, Purple/Turquoise/Lime, Red/White/Blue, Sunset
USD 139.99/pcs 139.99
Product Description Product Information With an update on an old favorite, the Pelican® Trailblazer NXT Kayak boasts plenty of new features! Much like the original Trailblazer, the NXT is easy to paddle and very stable, making it perfect for beginners. This Next Gen boat features padded, comfortable seat and back, plus molded footrests for those long trips. You’ll enjoy the cockpit table with bottle and accessory storage options. FEATURES: Next Gen. of the Pelican® Trailblazer Kayak 1-person sit-in recreational kayak Perfect for paddling calm to light surf waters Great for beginners Offers tremendous stability Easy to paddle Twin-arched multi-chine hull Constructed with RAM-X™ impact resistant materials ErgoBase™ seat pad Molded footrests for comfort ErgoForm™ padded backrest for superior comfort Cockpit table featuring a bottle holder and separate, accessory compartments Additional bottle holder in the seat Drain plug Carry handles for easy transport to and from the shore Stern storage tank well with bungee cord to secure items Bungee cord Manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty SPECIFICATIONS: Length: 10’ Carry weight: 36 lbs. Maximum weight capacity: 275 lbs. Width: 29" Depth: 14" Beam: 28" Cockpit dimensions: 20.5"W x 425."L Brand : Pelican Country of Origin : Imported Style : TB100NXT Color : Cyan/Black, Seafoam/Yellow
USD 104.99/pcs 104.99
Product Description Product Information Made for your next kayaking adventure, the Field & Stream® Blade Kayak boasts plenty of recreational features. From the paddle keepers to the carry handles, this boat is practical, while the adjustable seat back and footrests offer comfort on the water. The sit-in design keeps you low to the water, and offers better stability and easier paddling.Built in the USA. FEATURES: Sit-in design For recreational kayaking Made for one paddler Carry handles at the front and rear Foam seat with adjustable back rest for all-day comfort Foot rests adjust for extended comfort Two paddle keepers Action camera mount Built-in front console offers storage space Bungee cord storage for stashing gear Rear well accommodates one large bucket (up to a 5 gal. capacity) Cup holder Drain plug, scupper plugs Built in the USA SPECIFICATIONS: Length: 9’7” Width: 31” Maximum weight capacity: 275 lbs. Boat weight: 45 lbs. Brand : Field & Stream Country of Origin : United States of America Style : PAD00160 Color: Blue,Lime Green,Neon Green,Red,Yellow Pink
USD 30.0/pcs 30.0
Sleeping bag up to -10°С, thermofiber 400 gr., size 225*90. Color black, dark brown, dark grey, dark green, khaki.
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We produce sleeping bags in volumes
Бишкек, Kyrgyzstan
USD 18.0/pcs 18.0
Sleeping bag
Lacrosse Ball Store
Freehold, United States of America
USD 35.0/pcs 35.0
Champion Sports OLBXX Mildly Blemished leather cover, double cushioned cork core. Official League Baseballs have a premium LEATHER BASEBALL - Constructed with a dense double cushioned cork core and protective gray wool winding, the Champion Sports Leather Baseball has a professional feel and is great for honing skills in training sessions. Raised seams with red stitching give the ball a traditional look and make it easier for players to grip and control. Designed for players of all ages, this leather baseball is available in packs of twelve to work on pitching and hitting in practices. Premium leather cover is tough enough for everyday use Double cushioned cork core for pro-level performance 3-Ply gray wool yarn winding allows ball to bounce back into shape after each hit Raised seams add a classic look and give players a better grip on the ball Minor cosmetic blemishes make it a great choice for practices Pack of 12 More informations! Pay in 4 interest-free installments for orders over $50.00 with Payment Amazon, AMEX, Apple Pay, Discover, Diners Club, Elo, FB Pay, Google Pay, JCB, Mastercard, Paypal, Shop Pay, Venmo, Visa
Lacrosse Ball Store
Freehold, United States of America
USD 3.99/pcs 3.99
Keep players hydrated with the CHAMPRO Squeeze Water Bottle Includes Flexible Straw and cap. Perfect for your bag or in your multi bottle carrier. Fill this with ice and water for long lasting cold water hydration. Measures 1 liter/1000ml/34oz More informations! Pay in 4 interest-free installments for orders over $50.00 with Payment Amazon, AMEX, Apple Pay, Discover, Diners Club, Elo, FB Pay, Google Pay, JCB, Mastercard, Paypal, Shop Pay, Venmo, Visa
Lacrosse Ball Store
Freehold, United States of America
USD 34.0/pcs 34.0
Designed to meet NCAA and NFHS standards, the Champion Sports Lacrosse Ball can be used during practices and games at Recreational, High School and Collegiate level tournaments. Made from molded rubber, this lacrosse ball is the official size and weight and is constructed to improve shooting accuracy during practices and game play. Approved by the NCAA Meets NFHS Specifications Molded rubber construction provides improved feel and accuracy Official size and weight 12-Pack Purple More informations! Pay in 4 interest-free installments for orders over $50.00 with
Electronics 4 u LTD
United States of America
USD 700.0/pcs 700.0
    Ravin Crossbows Model R29X Helicoil 450 FPS Tactical Crossbow   The Ravin Model R29X Crossbow is in the original brand newbox. It comes as pictured. Please take a moment to look at the pictures and assess the item. This is a new item that is in the open box. The box was opened to inspect and verify the contents. Please take a moment to check out our other great items! Thanks     
Goldstar Developments ltd.
Шымкент, Kazakhstan
USD 743.43/pcs 743.43
Camping tent BOTEEN (6 meters, 7 meters, 8 meters) 6 meters, cotton material - 280g it is possible to take it complete with a canopy from rain / sun, a table, 4 chairs, 2 mattresses (for 2 ), litter under the tent from moisture. Tent packing size: 120*36*36 (weight min. 50kg). Tent (1pc): 100*18*18. Table (1pc): 95*30*20. Chair (4pcs): 52*10*55. Mattress (double). All accessories weigh: min. 40kg. Total: 90 kg (max. 120 kg). There are also 7-meter, 8-meter, two-story, transformers, etc. ITEM IS IN CHINA!
USD 500.0/pcs 500.0
Premium stainless steel and anodized components throughout Extremely durable carbon polymer belts made by Gates Carbon Drive. Ultra low drag outdrive featuring a specially optimized propeller design Integrated steering on handlebars Rugged, high pressure, drop-stitch pontoons. Peformance saddle, handlebars, cranks & pedal. Designed in California the Schiller S1-C is silent, clean & sustainable Frame is 2" in width & supports up to 300lbs Less than 10 mins to assemble & disassemble Small footprint allows for easy storage. Transports on most vehicle bike racks & in trunks. Maximum Support Frame is 2" in width & supports up to 300lbs. Fast & Easy. Assembly Less than 10 mins to assemble & disassemble. Easy StorageSmall footprint allows for easy storage. Transportable Bikes fits inside most vehicles and on car bikes' racks
USD 500.0/pcs 500.0
Red Shark Bikes by Meglatrak are the next generation of water bikes; allowing cyclists to explore rivers, lakes, and seas like never before! Crafted by a European supercar designer, the parts and components are premium quality and built to last in all weather conditions. The Bikes are incredibly stable and require no maintenance other than a quick rinse-off at the end of each session. The Red Shark Adventure Bike Surf was designed for those who like to explore the water in style. This model features a rod holder and cooler; the perfect water bike for a weekend fishing trip. The Bike is built on an inflatable paddle board and can be easily transported in a rollaway bag (included).Ships in 2 boxes from Miami, FL via UPS and comes with everything you need to assemble in under 20 minutes. What's Included: Standard bike components - can be customized to your liking. Green HD-PE Frame Inflatable Board Flat Premium Grade Inflation Valve Rollaway Bag Aluminum Handlebar Water Bottle & Bottle Holder Comfort Saddle 2 Varying Pitch Propellors (Training & Comfort) 4 Dry Bags & 2 Securing Bungees Handlebar Pouch Front & Rear Net Cell Phone Handlebar Holder Removable Fin Rudder
USD 100.0/pcs 100.0
Specs Beastmaster 9000A Electric Conventional Reel Name Value Ball Bearings 14+1 Compatibility Daiwa MP3000 Drag 55 Pounds Line Speed 541 Feet per Minute Maximum Test - Mono N/A Maximum Test - Braided 40/2050, 50/1800, 65/1260, 80/1030 Warranty Details One Year Voltage 12 to 24 Volts DC Weight 53 Ounces Type Electric Reel
USD 500.0/pcs 500.0
Features Fully submersible IPX8 rated battery housing system. Easy access charging connector with a 4 hour charge time IPX8 rated electric motor 460 watts of pedal assist power Up to 4 hours of riding time on the lowest assist level and 1.5 hours on maximum assist Please note, estimated battery run time may vary depending on the weight of the rider, weather conditions, and level of assist.   Chassis & Gears Resilient against saltwater and corrosion. The Hydrofoiler’s frame and gears are packed full of ingenious design details that stay true to the simplicity of a beautifully crafted bike. Features Aircraft-grade, TIG-welded 6061-T6 aluminium frame Hybrid drivetrain with industry standard components for easy replacement Buoyancy modules designed to streamline the Hydrofoiler both above and below water Easy maintenance crank-set sub-assembly, gearbox sub-assembly, and the propeller/shaft sub-assembly   Carbon Fibre Foils This combination is impeccably tuned. Striking a perfect balance between stability and manoeuvrability in all types of water-terrain. Features Foil tip design minimises drag and extends effective wingspan Rear wingspan measures 6.5ft. Front wing, 4ft General purpose foils. Suitable for lakes, rivers, and the ocean Modular design for easy assembly and in-car transport   Bluetooth Connectivity All Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1’s come standard with the GARMIN® eBike Remote. Rugged, compact and lightweight and effectively cycle between the 7 levels of motor assistance. With multiple compatible devices (30+) make use of Manta5’s free Datafields on the Connect IQ Store. Riders Can Track Distance Speed Ride time Heart rate Battery charge level Electric assist level
USD 500.0/pcs 500.0
POWER POWER Engine Supercharged and intercooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, four valves per cylinder, inline 4-cylinder Displacement 1,498cc Bore x Stroke 83.0 x 69.2mm Compression Ratio 8.2:1 Induction Eaton Twin Vortices Series Roots-type supercharger with air-to-water intercooler Maximum Boost 16.8 psi Cooling System Inducted water Fuel System DFI® with 60mm throttle body Ignition TCBI with digital advance Starting System Electric Propulsion System 160mm jet pump, axial-flow, single stage Impeller 3-blade, oval-edge stainless steel Thrust 1890 lb
USD 100.0 - 500.0/pcs
Description TFL 41″ Fighter Cat (1010mm) White or Red gel coat. 1010mm Long Depth 150mm Beam 380mm The larger version of the Cheetah/Fighter CAT. Hull and Hatch with 4.76 drive system (one piece flex shaft) and rudder installed (single motor) / white gel coat fiberglass. Dual 4092/1650kv motor Dual 180 amp ESC . CNC prop Thru Hull cooling option Standard equipment. 4 inlets- 4 outlets mounted in hull bottom- billet aluminum water pick ups. Required: 6s Batteries, radio system.
USD 100.0 - 500.0/pcs
FEATURES OF THE MAKARA ELECTRIC KAYAK Polyester/carbon shell Interior cladding: Neoprene, marine aluminum, acrylonite Length: 4m80 Width : 75 cm Height: 55 cm Power: 1000W Weight: 35kg + propulsion Electric motor: Epropulsion Pod drive 1.O Evo, 6.2kg Battery 48V 1276 Wh Li-ion, Epropulsion Spirit 1.O Evo, 8.7kg Charging time: 3.5h – 8.5h Pre-adjustable max speed: 12 – 15 km/h, 6 – 8 Nds Max battery life: 60 km or 10 hours Full throttle battery life: 1 hour

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